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help?! how much time will it take for me to?

how long will it take my hair to grow down to my waist if it is now down to above my breasts. i really want to grow my hair out long and i would like to know about how much time this would take. xoxo

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    I don't know how long it will take but I can tell you how to boost it to grow faster. Go to your local pharmacy and go to the vitamins section. Look for the vitamins that say "Hair, Skin and Nails", these really helped me to grow mine out faster plus they kept my skin clearer and healthier and kept my nails from breaking so easily. Pre-natal vitamins work good too, but not a good idea if on birth control, lol, that's how I got my daughter!

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    it all depends on how fast or slow your hair grows ...mine would be on the ground if i didn't get it cut often but others hair grows like an inch a year ...there is no way to really know

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    1 decade ago

    it al depends on how dast your hair grows.

    it would probally take like almost a year for me.

    but other people mabe only 4 months?

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    i would personally have to say a half year to a full one

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