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Pelvic soreness, 28 weeks it normal?

I started feeling some upper vaginal/pelvic soreness around the 26 week. Some people have told me that this could mean the pressure of the baby pushing down is causing this and that it could mean that i could have pre-term labor! But I don't really feel pressure. I was also told that it could be something called symphysis pubis dysfunction. Has anyone ever heard of or had this?

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    I am 35 weeks pregnant and have pelvic soreness since i was around 22 weeks. My Dr has said it can happen sometimes and just to rest with pillow between legs and behind back for support. It really works, it seems to take all the pressure/soreness away. If it is unbareable talk to your Dr or the maternity department at your hospital. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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    I've been feeling sore in the pelvic region since 30 weeks and the doctor said it's perfectly normal. It's your cervix stretching to get ready for the baby. For me, it is more sore in the morning when I wake up. There were a couple of weeks that it was difficult to roll off the bed and walk around. I had to walk around really slow because I was so sore. I'm now 38 weeks and still feel sore down there in the morning. Don't worry abour pre-term labor. You should be fine.

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    I had incredible soreness and pressure at 29 weeks and for me it was pre-term labor. When I started to feel the pressure I called the doctor and the nurses o the phone told me it was normal.

    Insist on being seen by an OB, this could be normal for you for this pregnancy or it could be pre-term labor. I am the mother of a preemie baby and although he was and is very healthy it is worth a visit to the doctor.

    Better safe than sorry is your best option.

    Good luck and I meant to inform you not scare you!

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    attempt a sits bath. a touch epsom salt and warmth water. it is going to ease the contractions if no longer something else. i'm about 30 weeks alongside and prefer you, I have had pelvic stress and soreness for the previous few weeks. i understand for a reality regardless of the reality that that that is because i'm wearing her extremely low. This morning i might want to have sworn at the same time as i changed into peeing that she changed into coming with it, yet for sure she wasn't. in basic terms don't be on your ft for too lengthy at a time, which will contribute to the stress in case you do. good success.

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    I dont know about the SPD but i do know that I am 28 weeks aswell and the doc said my hips locking up and being sore and my pelvis has to do with the "birthing hips" turning and preparing for birth.

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