Car Cabin fogging up?

With the change in seasons I've noticed that my car windows keep fogging up very quickly and need to be frequently cleaned. Is there any tricks anyone knows of to keep the car windows from fogging up so quickly?


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    you need to check for any moisture that might be in the vehicle this could be caused by a small leak in the car or the heater core,and it only takes a few drops of water to make one fog up,if it gets worse as colder weather sets in ,you might want to start checking the floor of the car for wet or slightly damp carpet,also pull it back and check in under it,a lot of leaks will run down in under it instead of on top of the carpet,and this will cause the condition your describing,good luck on it,take your time with it ,and i think you,ll find the cause of it.

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    Does defrost on heater make the fog go away quickly, or just make it worse! How has your water level been lately in radiator? Have you been needing to add water frequently?

    If it gets worse, instead of better, - it could be leaking in heater "core" (it is just a little radiator)-- But it also could be water standing in bottom of plenum from airconditoner (if it doesn't drain properly), so check drain hose, and make sure it is not plugged. You can generally find it esily if you look under car near the passenger side by firewall , also you might be able to run a piece of wire (from clotheshanger) up inside drain tube and knock anything in there loose if plugged up (don't get real "muscular" doing this, because you could poke a hole on hose, plenum case or something)!

    Also make sure air is actually coming up from defroster tubes to windshield. If heat not blowing up there, it obviously isn't going to defrost very well!

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    i'll bet your heater core is leaking do you smell a sticky sweet smell for a little bit after the windows fog? the core is dripping a little antifreeze into the heater box and as the car warms up it burns it off ( dries out the core) depending on the car , it can be very easy or very complex to change.

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  • 4 years ago

    sounds like a nasty heater center.what's the point of coolant ? Dose it drop ? It shouldn't. flow to the passenger aspect floor, experience the carpet and lower than the carpet. it could be dry. You do have anti freeze in this motor vehicle, no longer in basic terms water ? A micro leak can mist the interior and reason ice to kind on the interior .

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    1 decade ago

    u can open your window a crack

    or there are these wipes i used to use.. they are like glass cleaner pads but they prevent fogging..

    u shoul be able to find them at a gas station or local automotive parts/care store

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    Quit panting..other than that a good squirt of windex on the inside will slow it down

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    you might have a slow leak in the heater core

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    1 decade ago

    use the defrost mode more often, it will dry the air. If you have a recirculation mode, activate that as well.

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