What would I have to do to pursue a career in Photography?

What classes would I have to take when I get into a university?

How should I start out?

I am only 14 years old but my passion is photography no one knows but I love it everytime I look at something I feel like I should have a camera in my hand.

What is a good yet cheap camera to start off with I would like something kinda big that when you zoom in its still clear it has a recorder to and sound also thats black and the lens sticks out just a little tiny bit to be noticed show me pictures if you need to how should I begin a career in this field and how should I show my family that this could work and I can do what i love and get good pay?

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    1 decade ago
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    Pick one:

    Photojournalism (including sports)





    These are the only types of photography which pay enough to support you.

    Research them all and find one which you think you could do successfully.

    Show your family all the rich and famous photographers in the field.

    Tell them you think you could do even better and make even more money.

    If they buy that, ask them if they'll adopt me (jk).

    Remember, all these fields require not only talent but drive and business sense.

    Choose carefully.

    Hope this helps.

  • 5 years ago

    The portfolio looks OK. Lighting could be a bit better, but that comes with experience. Take some business classes in college. The more important aspect to making it as a photographer is your business plan, not your portfolio. Write up a solid business plan, take marketing, business and PR classes, along with a few photo classes. Make sure to plan on a backup career, way too many photographers, not enough work for everyone to make a living at it.

  • Dawg
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    1 decade ago

    Take a look at the link below, it would be a good starter camera for you - it will do a lot and along with the automatic settings has manual one to prepare you for advancing to a DSLR. Learing film is a good idea too...especially if you plan to be a pro but this will allow you to practice on a low low budget as you're not paying to develop every shot you take.

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