Women what clothes do you own that you feel you look your best in and why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My ole' gap jean with a black low cut ribbed shirt.

    My jeans are sooo comfortable and hug in all the right places ;)

    Shirt-BC it's black! My fav. color and it makes me look thiner, and my girls just sit there looking good :)

  • 1 decade ago

    i look and feel my best in:

    1. my skinny jeans

    2. my tight top

    3. an old bracelet or two

    1) skinny jeans- These jeans are the item of my life. They hug my hips and my body, and T feel beautiful in them. The reason, they elongate my legs, and make me feel tall and proud.

    2) a tight top- Any tight, or semi-tight top will put me on top of the world. A tight top will hug a woman's body, showing off he figure and making it look more "hour glass". This makes me feel wonderful, knowing that everyone can see my figure.

    3) an old braclet- An old bracelet, or a hand-me-down braclet throught the generations is sure to brighten my day. As I sit there twirling and playing with the braclet, a flood of memories come back to me, on the days that I wore that braclet. Or just of happy days altogether. Or, a "generation" braclet will remind me of someone who is far away at the time, but I'll still feel that I'm with them, remembering them, with this braclet.

    *I hope this helps you, it sure helped me.*

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