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What is the name of the defect this dog has?

I just read about it and found out it's a rare defect in dogs (maybe other animals) what's it called? This dog is seriously amazing/kinda scary looking

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    Oh, that's Wendy! She is a Whippet.

    She has a myostatin deficiency. Myostatin is the gene that effects our muscle growth. It limits how big our muscles grow. If you are myostatin deficient, your muscles will grow twice (or sometimes more) the size they should be. She has not been pumped full of steroids, it was how she was born. Some people argue that myostatin deficient Whippets, like Wendy, are actually faster runners. However, since the heart is a muscle, anyone with myostatin deficiency risks heart problems and it can be easily over worked.

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    Wendy's kinda famous... or infamous! <g>

    she's a Whippet with 2 recessive genes; however, i must disagree with another post-er: this is Not Common, in Whippets or any other breed.

    it is commonly called 'double-muscling'

    (not accurate, but a good visual-ref)

    and there ARE cattle breeds (beef)

    that Are bred for this double-recessive trait.

    (there are no dogs deliberately bred for the double-recessive. )

    Source(s): 30 yrs educating ppl, training pets - CVA
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    It's when the dog is born with two mutated myostatin genes. These dogs are considered "double muscled"

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    Its called double muscle and its very common in whippets

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    I'm not sure but that is really sad!

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    it looks like he is on steroids!! he just has huge muscles!!

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