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I like a man 15 years older than me.. help!?

Ok I am a 21 year old female and I like a 35 year old man. He is real sweet and caring it seems and he likes me too. We both play racquetball and I havent seen him at the gym for a couple of days and it has been driving me crazy and so I decided to call him and we ended up talking for 15 mins. on the phone. I told him I liked him and asked him how old he was and I said that age didnt matter to me and he said that life can work in funny ways sometimes. I told him I came up to watch him play but he wasnt there today which was true, and he said that he wanted to give me not only ONE ON ONE racquetball training, but one on one in other areas too and asked me if I wore something hot for him today. This isnt perverted b.c we both like each other. He tells other ppl about me and I cant stop thinking about him. If this turns out bad I will find out myself, so plz no bad comments. Even if it is only sexual that is fine with me... I just want to experience what its like.

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    I’m not sure what you are thinking. This man is MARRIED. He works with you. He is your Teacher! His wife was your teacher before she had THEIR CHILD a few months ago. You pursued this woman as your friend and asked hundreds of questions about her. When she finds out, and she will, she’s going to go off on you. She can get you kicked out of college with all the e-mails you have sent to her. She could even come on here and see these posts and use those. Do you think she will care that her hus loses his job(s) once she finds out? I promise, she won’t. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her family.

    Get back together with your bf and stop all this silliness.

    You never ask questions that include anything about your family. Do you have one? Go see them.

    Please, stop posting the same questions in your other IDs:








    You are sabotaging yourself. Stop before you do something that will permanently damage your reputation and life!

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    And here is the REST of the story, which I know because I’ve answered questions from you under your numerous other accounts:

    This man is married and his wife is supposedly your ‘friend’ although she really isn't, she's your former college teacher who you became obsessed with. You harassed her incessantly and asked HUNDREDS of questions about her under your other accounts--why won’t she return my phone calls, why won’t she respond to my emails, do you think she likes me, is it okay if I take her newborn baby a present, is it okay if I give her a birthday present, etc, etc, etc. And at one point you even claimed that you ‘loved’ her (no, I don’t think it was ‘romantic’ love but still…). And then you went and got a job where her husband works (at this gym) so you could stalk him too. And now you want to scr*w him? That’s how you treat friends who you love?

    Oh, and you have a boyfriend too. What does he think of this?

    Grow some morals, and for the love of God, GET SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP, because you desperately need it.

    Your other accounts:

    As blue_star12111;_ylt=AgWxkQACB...

    As sagittarius_girl806;_ylt=An.Vpr...

    As pink_flamingo1211;_ylt=Ar.QKZQW...

    As greenturtle:;_ylt=AvlkP4_OX...

    And God only knows how many other accounts you have (a violation of community guidelines, by the way).

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    tell her to apply protection so she would be in a position to no longer finally end up prego and tell her that no count what happens, you would be there for her. maximum in all probability, (to no longer be mean or something), the guy will finally end up dumping her after he's uninterested in her or cheating on her, so the final situation she needs is to have a infant so youthful.

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    Honey that has to be your decision.I just hope all works out well for you. Follow your heart. Hope it leads you in the right direction. God bless.

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    Yeah, but you forgot to mention that he's married. You said that on your other question, remember?

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    you cant help who you like!

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