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My cat constantly meeeeeows?

So my cat has been constantly meowing for about a year and now she's just annoying me. She usually sleeps and walks around in my room, and every time I walk in and I look at her she meows at me. She also meows during the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure she's not "in the heat", because she's been neutred about 6~7 years ago. Does anybody know what she meows at me for? She usually only meows to me, and doesn't meow at my mother or brother.

[if this is important, my cat always hops on my bed when I'm about to go to sleep]

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    She loves you and wants you to pay attention to her. Is she Siamese or part Siamese? They are VERY vocal!

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    She probably wants attention or something to eat. I have a chatty cat also. He always meows at me. He even sounds like he is saying "mum ma" sometimes. Does your cat have a cat buddy? Maybe she is lonely for the company of other cats.

    As far as sleeping goes, that is normal. My cat who died recently always went to bed with me. They love to snuggle and be warm especially in the winter. Learn to love her meowing, it's part of her personality. : )

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    hello, this must be my cat's twin sister. she does this aaalll the time, and sometimes i'll be half asleep and she will be curled up behind my knees or something, and she will just look up at the ceiling and meow loudly. i'm pretty sure she's just talkative, like yours. they like the sound of their own meows and they only "talk" to the human they like the most. my cat won't say boo to my flatmate, but she chats her head off to me. and she's only a tabby, nothing like a siamese who are usually very vocal. she wants your attention, pure and simple.

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    thats exactly like my cat. all she wants is attention.

    i know waht you mean about it being annoying.

    im so tired some mornings because im the only one she likes.

    and mine like knocks stuff over thats on my desk and stuff aha just try to give it attention.

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    she wants you to pet her or feed her, when she does that she might want her litter box changed also

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