how much calories should u consume to keep a healthy weight?


idk if this matters, but im a female, and im 5'8", and weight about 140-145.

Update 2:

and im trying to drop some pounds

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    well they say that 2000 a day will keep you at your same weight ( thats assuming you have some physical activity every day) so if you tried 1500 then you would loose wieght.

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    It depends on your age, height, weight, and physical activity.

    Based on those factors, The Health Calculator will tell you whether you need to gain, weight, lose weight or stay at your current weight. It will then prescribe a calorie intake for you based on your goals and tell you how long it will take to get to your target weight.

    Health Calculator -

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    1 decade ago and click on My Pyramid Plan. This will tell you how many calories a day, and what foods, you should consume to maintain a healthy weight. You can put in any weight you choose.

    My students use this website for their nutrition unit.

  • There are several sites that have calculators to help determine the ideal caloric intake for weight loss. (or weight maintenance)

    There are other sites that also factor in your activity level (which is far more accurate) - but you often have to pay for those services.

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