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Does anyone know I any hints on.......?

telling the guy I like that I like him without saying it?

lol sorry if thats a little confusing ..

btw I am almost SURE he likes me back :-)

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    hmm. not totally sure on this one but you can try and flirt with him and just be like i have a secret(he'll wanna know and ask what it is) say its about this guy i like (he'll ask either who or what) i know who he likes and just try to keep it going.

    if you understand what i was


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    Geez just tell him! You're probably hinting at it now w/o realizing it. You flirt with him w/o noticing. But just tell him. He probably likes you but he's a dork and doesn't want to tell you.

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    Easy ask about his family. Simply say "Hey, hows your father?" while reaching out and cupping his balls. Pretty sure that will work.

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    idk the most obvious sign i think when a guy likes you is when he touches you. like just causally brushes against you and always sits buy you and stuff like that.

    and just flirt with him tons and pay special attention to him it wont take long for him to get the message.

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    ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO ASK HIM OUT FOR U works evry time 4 me

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    if you're sure then tell him.

    OR flirt alot

    OR tell your friend to tell him

    OR you could tell his friend to tell him

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    kiss him

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