If a cat gets sprayed by a skunk and then tries to clean himself, can the cat get sick?

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My cat got sprayed a few days ago by a skunk and we've tried everything. When the tomatoe juice bath didn't work, the lady at PetCo suggested to give him a bath in ...show more
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  • N L answered 7 years ago
I'd imagine it would! That stuff smells horrible! Several years ago a vet gave me a recipe for getting rid of the smell. Here it is - it's called "De-Skunk Cocktail".

1 quart hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda OR lemon juice
1 teaspoon dish soap (Dawn)
1 gallon white vinegar

Mix all together, and soak the animal thoroughly with it. The longer it sits on the animal, the better.

Good luck!

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thank you. : )
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