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I would like to become a web designer -- Tips and advise please!!?

I am currently learning HTML and CSS, i would like to become a web designer and start up my own business like creating e-commerce web site for customers. I wonder do I need to learn all these dreamweaver, php, ajax, javascript, and ect. to achieve it? If so, where should I start from? Please help!!! Any advise welcome!!! Thank you for your time!!!

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    When you get grounded with HTML and CSS, look for an ecommerce solution that you can use for your clients' sites. Just do a search and read up on them. Some popular ones are osCommerce, Magento (still in beta though), Zen Cart, Virtuemart (which is a component that works with the Joomla content management system), and a bunch of others. You don't necessarily have to know php, ajax, js, etc.; if you know local freelancers, you could contract work out to them and vice versa. But if you have time, it is great to be familiar with these languages. Also consider learning Flash. Everyone seems to want it on their site these days.

    There are tutorials on They are not free but you can write them off as business expenses.

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    You do need at a minimum JavaScript and some sort of Server Language like but PHP or but these are not the only choices. You should learn XML as well because of AJAX which is becoming increasingly popular. Fortunately AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. You should also become familiar with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as well. Learn about Web Standards and the WCAG guidelines as I think there may be legal issues around these in the future. Get a good Photo editor like Photoshop (for beginning elements would suffice) or Gimp you will need to at minimum optimize photographs for the web. Find out about people like Jeff Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Jakob Nielsen and why they are important. Let me give you a few sites that should give you a good start. www.webdesignfromscratch is a good site for beginning web designers. is full of information (101 Podcasts + Articles + links + Forum) on just this subject. Finaly has got a lot of important information on accessibility.

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    Forgive me for a quick shameless web site, has links to a lot of web sites that I have found useful for the purpose of learning web design...The comments on those links pretty much give my opinion of each one, and save me the time of retyping it here :)

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    Yes, you will need to learn Dreamweaver etc. especially php because you will need to know how to set up a dynamic site.

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    many all of us is able to becoming their own web site you would be waiting to furnish your centers to small or super agencies whilst you're proficient in e-commerce and protection measures - struggling with hackers etc. advise you talk at the same time with your college careers adviser to get counseled build on your present day studying and get qualified with ideal skills.

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