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Describe the relationship between right and obligations.?

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    Between right and obligation.... I need to explain myself. Your trying to draw a connection or lack of a connection, between what is right, and what is an obligation. Cute, what kind of arguement are you having with someone? O I don't care actually, just trying to keep things flowing, the fact is obligation is a light word for responsiblity, which is a light word for purpose. Which for me, nothing is more important then your purpose in life. So technically it kind of works like this, You have a purpose in life that you hope to use to create purpose or meaning to your actions. Weather right or wrong DOESN'T determine the "rightness" of the purpose, its about your own precieved ideals of what well create a purposeful life and what won't. So if responsibility is based on your purose which you believe to be based on your need to bring meaning to your life, which is based on the insticual need to KNOW that your suffering isn't for nothing, which would by most peoples ideologies be right. So obligations would be considered right only if they fulfill your responsibilities based on your OWN precieved purpose in life. So technically no one can argue weather obligations are right because their based on someones PRECIEVED ideals of such, so technically, they are by default.

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