Christmas in Melbourne, Australia?

I live in San Diego, CA. I will be visiting Melbourne in late December-early January. I will be having Christmas here and its my first time visiting. Anyone who lives here, can you give me a play by play with details of how your traditional Christamas goes. Details please. Anything I must do or you think will be fun and helpful.

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    Ok well, it is very hot in Australia during christmas, as it is summer for us. Usually families will have a Christmas lunch, with salad, some kind of roast chicken or ham, chips and dip. And BEER!!!!

    Families get together and have a BBQ or the traditional lunch (and beer). they visit each other and such. Often they go swimming or to the beach.

    Traditionally my own family will sit around, my mother will not bother to cook anything (it will be too hot) and we will eat snacks. Later on she might get drunk and listen to country music. We will stay up until 3am talking and (drinking and) watching tv. Good times. xD

    Most people do it a bit better than my clan though.

    Enjoy your Aussie Christmas! It's a great time of the year and Melbourne is a great city!

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    5 years ago

    hi there, Melbourne is pretty unpredictable as far as weather goes at xmas time, last year it was actually quite cold! However, Jan is usually hot and Melbourne has great access to heaps of fantastic beaches such as those along the Great Ocean Road (Torquay, Bells Beach, Anglesea) which are well known for surfing. They are pretty packed at that time of year ,though, so accommodation could be hard to find. On the other side of Melbourne is the Mornington Peninsula which is also easy to get to for day trips and the beaches are beautiful. For bike riding I would recommend going up to the Macedon Ranges (where I live!) where the scenery is gorgeous and the temp. usually a few degrees cooler (nicer for riding). Places like Woodend and Macedon are popular starting points for cyclists. Have fun, it's a beautiful time of year and lots of outdoors stuff to do.

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