What can I expect in the California Department of Corrections Academy?

I am going to be starting the corrctional officer training academy in northern California pretty soon. What can i expect as far as physical expectations and what kind of book work is entailed? What happens in the academy?

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    It's now called the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (not sure when they added the Rehab part to it). Information from wikipedia:



    Correctional Peace Officers are trained at the Basic Correctional Peace Officer Academies (BCPOA) located in Galt, California & Stockton, California. The academy is 16 weeks in length and all cadets (or correctional officer candidates) must complete training courses in weapons, California law, physical abilities, defensive combat, inmate restraining techniques and a number of other subject matter.

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    Cadets receive 640 hours of instruction during the 16 week academy, including classes in leadership and ethics, crime scene investigation, inmate supervision, emergency operations, first aid, and physical fitness training. Upon graduation from the academy, new correctional officers earn more than $45,000 per year. Top level correctional officers can earn more than $73,000 per year.

    And here:


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    California Corrections Academy

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