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in YOUR OPINION what is the difference between emo, scene, and punk?

put where you're from (if you live in the US put the state, if you don't, then put the country)

and btw i don't care about any of your nasty comments so don't put anything such as

emo- posers who cut themselves

because i really don't care, only people who can give a real answer please!


i don't mean the music... everybody knows the difference music wise

Update 2:

ooo! this will be fun! do you consider yourself any of the above??

Update 3:

in answer to my own question, i don't really like to consider myself anything but i guess if somebody was to look at me w/o knowing anything about me they would say i'm either emo or scene... emo cuz i wear lots of black, scene because of my sweet spikey hair. i'm not really into the whole label thing but i was just curious

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    Emo - a depressed person who doesn't care what happen to the world or where they go in life

    Scene - People who do what they want when they want and usually have a great taste in music

    Punk - Expressive individuals who go against the norm of society and in most cases are really cool people

    My name is Michelle and I live in Port Hueneme, California

    Personally I don't like labels so I've never really considered what I should be labeled as. I'm usually around anyone who I think I could like regardless of their position or view of the world But I guess I could be defined as both Emo/Scene type

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    United States, Florida

    Emo is darker and has a downer mood for some reason, and are generally cynical/dramatic. An exageration of the typical "No one gets me" teen.

    Scene kids seem to be half-way to emo, but are either not commited enough to go all the way with it or enjoy life a little too much. They also seem to be a little less anti-conformist. Both this and emo though are often used to give illusions of being anti-conformist when they actually just desperately want to fit in with someone, which is understandable.

    Punk is a lot harder to define since it's been around so long and been defined so many different ways so many different times. It's just a general not running with the herd. And I don't like to call myself a punk because I'm 30 years late and it just sounds so cliche now but I definitely relate with the original punks much more than these other two.

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    In my opinion they are two very different things by music standards.

    Punk got it's start with the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and the Ramones in the 70's

    Emo is from the 80's and at first meant emotive hardcore and was considered a sub-genre until the 90's when it started to be a reference to the indie movement. The starting bands were; One Last Wish, Beefeater, Gray Matter, Fire Party for the 80's and Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is the Reason for the 90's.

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    Emo: sad, depressed.

    Scene: outgoing, wide variety in music taste, happy

    Punk: rebels, against authority, do whatever the hell they want

    I'm 19 years old, Male. I live in Indiana, USA.

    Edit: I don't like to consider myself anything, but I would be a scene kid by definition, and I associate with kids that would be called "scene" and I am very outgoing. And I do have a very very wide music taste.

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  • scene and emo are labels. emo is a dead subculture. now, its dominated by angsty teenagers who dont know what its like to be depressed, and bulimic girls who say theyre fat every 3 minutes. occasionally theres a person whos true to themselves, but thats rare. as for punk, to quote Jello Biafra

    Punk's not dead, it just deserves to die.

    JELLO BIAFRA IS A PUNK LEGEND. punk is violent and the best of it is INSANELY political. HARDCORE PUNK FTW!!!!

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    i don't know why any of it has to be labeled. i grew up on punk and if some song makes me feel the same way, i'm a happy guy. i'm 41 and grew up in north jersey.

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    Ska is better then all of them combined. Rude Boys...yeeyuh.

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    i agree with jakex :]

    i live in md

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    the names are totally different, thats all!

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