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Winning Slot machine hints?

Anybody out there have any hints for winning at the slot machines? We plan to visit some of the Oklahoma Native American casinos this weekend and I'd love to come home with a little more money than I went with. Any tips would be helpful.

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    There sure are a lot of responses out there from people who don't have any engineering skills especially on slots. I write slot programming software and I can tell you exactly how it works and there is no secret to it. The machines just have too many blank stops so the casino has the advantage all the time.

    Each reel is separate from each other and each reel has its own set of stops. The random numbers are chosen for each reel by the internal programming on the chip in the machine and the spinning reels displays the result of the numbers. Each stop is assigned a number so if the Double Diamond's number on reel 1 is say: 31, Reel 2: 22 and Reel 3: 5 then you would need the computer to pick 31, 22, 5 for the DD's to come up. If it picks 31, 22, 8, then you'll get DD DD blank for example. The cherry symbol is easier to hit because there might be 3 or 4 numbers associated with the cherry and maybe 6 numbers associated with a blank.

    If it looks like you're on a winning streak then it is only because you got lucky. There aren't any cycles or whatever. This is only what people look at after people have played the machine. Just pick machines that have very simple payouts and you'll be able to play for a long time with a decent chance at a smaller jackpot. Pick machines with many different combinations and you'll either lose or have a very slim chance at a big payout.

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    Begin with the assumption that not all slot machines pay out at the same rate and that the casino management knows which ones pay out better than others. Now ask yourself where the management would put those slot machines that payout well to get the maximum benefit. The answer is fairly straight forward. The management will put those machines where people who aren't gambling can see people winning. Does it do the casino any good if the only people who can see the player win are already gambling?

    Survey the casino and decide where the non-gamblers would be; near the door, in sight of the restaurant or the bar, or perhaps by the lobby. Avoid slot machines that are in the middle of the gambling area. Avoid slot machines that aren't in a casino.

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    Play the machines where you are comfortable hitting the Max Bet every spin. If this means you're bringing $50 to the casino for a night, that's probably the penny slots. If you have $250 or so, I'd go to the quarter slots, and so on. Hitting the max bet button will maximize your winnings (but also increase your losses on the spins where you don't win). "Professional slot players" play only to hit the big progressive jackpots, and to do that you need to hit Max Bet.

    If you are just going to have fun for an evening and want to prolong your money, play the machines where you can play multiple lines per spin - 9 to 15 is usually good - and you will be able to sit there for quite a while. Each line will cost one credit, but it's still cheaper than betting max every time.

  • Slot machines are a total con!

    The operator can fiddle with the odds of winning, they are not fair at all. There is a legal payout of around 70% (meaning that if you bet £10, the average amount you should win back is £7 - a £3 loss), however there is no way of knowing what the actual payout is (many operators break the law by making it lower), as the only way to find out is to open the machine up.

    Source(s): a TV program in the UK.
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    The only tips I've ever heard was to go to a Casino when it's first opened, and use the machines close to the doors. I guess because if the winnings are good when it's new, then people will go back later, and by the door because most people walk in and go to the middle of the place.

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    no there are no actual hint,clues or tips on how to.its all random picking by computers when the machine is activated,sorry but don't listen to any folktales.some casinos in certain states set odds better for the costumer to win to get costumers but in the end your going to lose.its rare to hit the jackpot,that's why the casinos exist .just go to have fun and don't expect to walk out with anything unless you keep some that you brought.

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    I have worked in casinos for years and there really isnt any hints for playing the slots. You just have to play the right one at the right time. But, I can tell you that slots are all on "cycles". This means you should never play a slot for too long that isnt winning and if you get on a hot one stay on it. Atleast for awhile anyway.

    Source(s): ALWAYS PLAY THE MAX especially on any progressive machine
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    dont play the slot, they never pay out any money and they are boring. I always believed that black jack was the best game to play, because you have a better chance of winning. The dealer has to stay on anything 17 or higher, so i like to play that game. i normally go to the boats and play two hands of black jack at once and i normally leave around a $100 up, not bad for 2 hours. my sister on the other hand played slot for 2 hours and lost $50 so its up to you

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    ... the slot machines are all computerized(or all should be by now) your chances of winning are slim, but on the up side, if it your day to win you will win...like any gambling game, its a game of chance. so enjoy yourself and dont play money you cant afford to lose. Have fun and may the luck force be with you. oh bit of advise, play the max...incase you win you will get total jackpot...mistake made by many.

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    The best way to win at a slot machines is to not play them. Plus they are for old ladies anyway.

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