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Am I pregnant??

My last period started approx Oct. 12. (we've been ttc for 6 months now) I am 28 days regular and I'm a few days late. I feel dizzy and during my aerobics class the past two days, I feel like I can't even finish the class I'm so tired. My boobs are tender especially when I wake up in the morning. I did a hpt this morning, and I saw a faint faint faint positive. My husband said he thought he could see the positive too. We got another test, a diff brand later on today, and that one says negative! What does everyone think?

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    You're prego--morning urine is best early on. Later in the day, might be negative. I did the same thing 2 weeks ago. Very faint line in the morning, no line later that night. Went out and bought a digital for the next morning, and it said "pregnant". Anyway, it's rare to get a false positive. Test again in the morning. Congrats!

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    I know your anxious to find out if you're pg, and I hope you are! I would wait another 48 hours and take another first morning urine with a first response pg test. Sometimes, it is the test that tells you wrong. Different tests can read diff. hormone levels. The two best (I think) are first response and clear blue easy. If you get another faint positive, go to your doctor and ask for a blood test. That will surely tell if you are pregnant! Good luck...

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    Wait a week re-test early in the morning for higher hormone level is it comes negative which I dont think it will see your doc and take a blood test.

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    retest in 2 days, with 2nd morning urine, or hold your pee for 3-4 hours before testing. This will give you more accurate results. If this is still negative, get a blood test from your doc.

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    Wait a week and take another test. Use the first pee of the morning as it is stronger somehow. Good Luck!

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    I had the most luck with First Response HPT. Take the test first thing in the morning.

    Best of luck!!!

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    Wait a week and get either the first response or clear blue easy that is digital, it says Pregnant, Not Pregnant. So much easier.

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