Is dixie flag considered a bad symbol?

I'm italian and recently i liked to listen southern rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Then someone said to me that the dixie flag is somethin' racist and so on...

I don't know much about the war between north and south and I'd like to know what people think about the rebel flag and what do you mean for redneck...

Sorry for my ignorance and sorry if I made errors...


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    Depends who you are asking: Some believe it is a sign of respect of the Vets that engaged in include The French and Indian War, The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The War for Southern Independence, The Great War, and World War II. Some ancestors fled France fearing the Catholic revolt, some fled England for freedom OF religion, while others came to this continent in pursuit of their happiness.

    Others believe it to be offensive, racist, and disrespectful.

    The NAACP, since 1991, has actively campaigned for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag (and all other humane references to the Confederacy). In 1991 a Resolution was passed at the National convention for the NAACP which is included below. It refers to the "Confederate Flag and State Flags containing the ugly symbol of idiotic white supremacy, racism and denigration..."

  • It's more commonly called the Confederate Flag fyi.

    The flag itself is not racist. It was the flag of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. Assuming that the flag itself is racist is assuming that the Civil War was fought over slavery which is not the case. The Civil War was one fought over different economic systems between North and South and the idea of States Rights. Many southerners in the US now still choose to fly the flag saying that it is their heritage and is Southern Culture which is true. Personally I do not find the flag to be racist and it is usually the sensitive ultra liberals (and i consider myself to be very liberal) who have a problem with it.

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    The confederate (Dixie or rebel) flag began as a symbol that represents a group that did not want to continue to be a part of the United States of America. Those people wanted to leave the USA because they were being denied state's rights. ONE of the rights they wanted to maintain was the right to keep slaves. Thus some people equate the flag with the a system that could permit slavery. The race part comes in because those fighting to permit slavery and those who were enslaved were usually of different races.

    Today, some see it as a symbol of Southern pride, but I don't believe ALL Southerners see it that way. Other see it as a sign of treason at most, and unpatriotic at the least because it represents a group that wanted to leave the country. My beef with that is you can say the same for the Texas state flag, and no one seems to have a problem with that at this point.

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    The civil war was fought between the Northern and Southern (confederate) United States. The North wanted to abolish slavery while the South wanted to keep it. The dixie flag is a symbol for the confederates. Stereotypes are that these people are racists, hillbillies, ignorant, etc.

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    Some southerners would say that the confederate flag is about heritage and pride. But most people outside of the states that were once considered the confederacy think that the flag represents racism, primarily slavery, since that was a key factor in the separation of the confederate states. It is also an unpatriotic symbol because it is a flag that represents a completely separate nation than that of the United States.

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    The Rebel flag represents the South, yes. To us, it doesn't represent oppression of people. The USA has had battles with other countries over the years. Do those countries wish to abolish our American flag? Would you let them?

    We cannot change what happened in the past.. We can try to understand it better. You know, if you watch the movie "Gangs of New York," you might get a look from a different perspective. The Italians came over and were hated. The Irish came over and were hated The Jews came over and were hated. Every one of every nationality, country, region, dialect.. has a right to their culture and to retain that culture if it is not hurting anyone. Let go of the past. None of the people today had anything to do with it. You rejoice in your culture. Let others rejoice in theirs. "live and let live"

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    Do some research people. The Civil war was not fought over slavery. That was ONE of the issues. Because of r-tards that pass on that message, it has given the confederate flag a bad name. It stands for southern pride and standing up for what you believe in, not being racist.

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    Originally it was not the case. But after the Civil War hate groups sprang up to terrorize former slaves. They carried Confederate flags.

    Today, black still view the Confederate flag with dread. It was the symbol that was used to terrorize an entire group of Americans.

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    The people in the south that wish to fly the Confederate

    Flag should be able to do so. It is a symbol of their fight

    with the North over more things than just slavery. I don't

    appreciate the "gay rainbow" flag, but they have a right

    to fly it if they choose to do so. We still have many folks

    who clean other's houses, cook, do chores, babysit, etc.

    as did the slaves, but we just don't call them slaves anymore,

    but rather "employees". Today, these workers get paid a

    salary whereas slaves were given free housing and food.

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    Great question! I keep seeing posters/t-shirts/bumper stickers with the Confederate flag on it saying "If this offends you, you need a history lesson."

    But after minoring in history in college, I still don't see how a black person wouldn't get offended by seeing that flag. That flag was the flag of people who owned black slaves. Rednecks like to say, "Well, not all slaveowners were mean to their slaves." But anyone who says they OWN anyone else is mistreating that other person. And everyone's heard of slaves' horror stories of how their owners abused them and treated them worse than cattle.

    So, I too would like to know, how is the Confederate flag not supposed to offend someone of African descent?

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