What would you do if you knew this about Home Depot?

I call on the Home Depot. During a recent visit, I was pointing out that the primary claims on their offering in a category don't hold water (verified by independent tests). One of the people up the chain stated, "I know I have products that don't work. Heck, I have xxxx (different category) that I know is junk. But, my customer is not sophisticated enough (read "stupid") to know the difference. When the product fails, the customer doesn't blame the product. He'll blame xxxx or the way it was installed. But, not the product. I make great margins on it and I sell a ton."

I'm not so upset about not being able to get my products to the consumer through HD. However, if the Home Depot doesn't care about quality (and obviously thinks we consumers don't care), why should we shop there? I'm not going to any longer because it brings everything into suspect. Plus, if all they care about is selling a ton and making great margins, we'll... I'll choose quality and go somewhere else.

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    When you expect more out of our American companies then I don't think it's pissy-moaning when we have strong opinion's about issues such as the one wit HD -whether it's true or not. We have the right to react!

    As far as I'm concerned, personally I would be a tad offended by the comments he made IF they are true. But it wouldn't affect HD any, lol, because I shop elsewhere anyway (a different chain similar to HD....I'll say no names).

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    #1: I don't know if I believe he said EXACTLY what you said he did.

    #2: Welcome to business, there's a TON of junk in stores that doesn't work well, but the DEMAND is hight for them. EVERY store sells that kind of stuff.

    You may as well stop shopping altogether and start making your own stuff like the Amish, thats the ONLY way you can avoid it.

    CONSUMER DEMAND drives the market no matter where you are.

    Get used to it, it's America.

    And you say it's a FLAW in capitalism?? When did you become so obtuse in your train of thought? How about this, go to Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, or anywhere else on the planet that is not a capitalist society, even Canada where they outlawed Satellite TV... let's see you complain.

    Grow up, be a man, you live in the one country in the world where you have such freedom of choice to buy whatever you want.

    You also have the freedom of choice (but not the brains) to RESEARCH before you buy.

    Any product I've EVER bought that went bad, I had absolutely NO PROBLEM returning for refunds, you just have to quit being a whiny, pissy baby about everything.

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    I think you ARE upset that you cannot sell YOUR product through HD. It has made you go there trying to demean the products they sell. I have never had a problem with their products because I look things up online before buying them.

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    This is the flaw of capitalism, I would buy said product and then when it breaks , throw a tremendous fit and if you get the slightest bit of crap on it call the media, the better business bureau and hell why not your congressperson.

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