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Why do republicans think they have a chance in 08?

Seriously , theres gunna be a cold day in hell ( that would be california ) before a republican wins again . Not that i hate republicians , i just dislike them very , very much . My point is hilary clinton is going to win . I dont want her too , i want obama , but we all know shes going to win . So why dont we all just give up now .

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    Hilliary blows with the wind. She was for the war, against the war, and for the war once things changed over there. It took her 2 weeks to decide that if she was for or against drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. She craves only power. Think of this, supposedly she was picked on by the boys in the last debate. So she threw the gender card. Think that ploy will work when she is dealing with international issues? The woman claims she did not even know about Bill's wandering ways. If she did not know, that means she is pretty damn dumb. If she did, it means she is cold and calculating. She stayed for power. Hilliary is a bad joke and it is a sad state of affairs in this country when the likes of her is poised to make a serious run at the presidency. Have you ever heard her use her fake accent? LMAO She is nothing but a fake and to top it off she is extremely left. Why anyone would vote for her if she gets the nomination is beyond me.

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    Realistically, they do have a chance in '08. See the democrats have proven over the past 10 years that they are very good at losing elections. They put up poor candidates who are basically unelectable and wonder what happened. Hillary Clinton will probably be another of those.

    The only thing the democrats really have going for them at this point is the lack of a good candidate from the republicans. If the republicans can find a serious candidate and the democrats give the nomination to Hillary, then I think you'll see another republican President.

    However, if the democrats could put up anyone with a political pulse and a knowledge of middle America, then they would probably beat whomever the republicans nominated. But democrats don't think they need the center (geographically) of the country. They think they can win with the coasts, which has been disproven in the last two Presidential elections. There may not be as many people living inland, but there are definitely the number of electoral votes.

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    In a way you are right. Many say Ron Paul has no chance. If he does not get the nomination, I'm pretty sure the Democrats, even with their lame duck congress, will win. At this time, I would vote for only 1 other Republican (who really has no chance) before I vote Democrat.

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    I'll tell you why, and I'm a progressive:

    The Dems in Congress are the most cowardly lot I have ever seen. They attempt to pass a bill, get it vetoed, cave in, and then get scolded by the president on television. They don't even respond to that anymore. They could send the same bill up 1000 times with a little sticky note that says: "this is the bill you're getting. Sign it or get nothing." But they choose to bide their time, thinking that '08 is in the bag.

    If the tide shifts, if the president allows another terrorist attack and shifts the focus to that issue, then an unqualified disaster like Giuliani could conceivably take the momentum to the White House, the same way Bush played "9/11, 24/7" in 2004. If that happens, we lose the majority and we are officially in Orwell's Oceana, boys and girls.

    So no, it's not wrapped up. Thinking it is will kill us.

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    We'll see. And personally, I don't want to sound like a sexist or anything, I think that the fact Clinton is a woman will lose her some votes, so there is a disadvantage. I wouldn't be so sure a democratic candidate will win, you just never know when it comes to politics.

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    i do not understand if he's deliberately attempting to kill the republicans opportunities, yet he's doing a darn good activity at it. Republican applicants are distancing themselves from Bush for political motives. the day exceeded by at the same time as Bush did the Veto on the youngster care bill, the position extra little ones might want to have get entry to to remedy, turned right into a unpopular veto to the republican celebration and the yankee public which have little ones with out remedy. that is in difficulty-free words one extra blunder out of many who the republican celebration does no longer favor to be linked with.

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    The War is being won.

    Democrats are not popular polls state the case

    The surrender democrats are 0 and 40 when it comes to pulling the plug on the war.

    Illegal immigration will kill many a democrat in the polls

    Socialized health care is not wanted

    affordable health care is.

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    You are so wrong, however, you are entitled to your opinion, as I am as well,...all you have to do is watch the debates and watch what they say and how they stand on certain issues concerning the 'war on terror'...they don't make any sense...they sound like blubbering idiots, if you ask me, especially when it comes to handling world issues, foreign policies, etc....thumbs down to the very weak, vulnerable, & unreliable Democratic Presidential candidates.

    That's why I support the very strong, very RELIABLE, extremely intelligent Republican Presidential candidates. PEACE! I'm out of here!

  • TedEx
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    If Hillary gets the nomination,her pride and arrogance will alienate a lot of people.

    Obama is the one I'm worried about. He's black? So what?He represents fresh ideas.

    I think that's what we're looking for.

    Frehsideas, not the same old BS.

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    There's no doubt she'll get the Democrat nomination even if she has to have some of her competition "commit suicide", but I don't believe she's a shoe-in in November.

    She shills her audiences and ducks questions by attacking the askers. That's because there's only one position she's solid on; more government, more taxes, more entitlements, fewer freedoms and HER in absolute control of the whole enchilada!

    Her disdain for "the people" and her condescension toward all who oppose her has ALWAYS been her downfall.

    I don't believe she can sweeten up enough to buffalo the electorate in November.

    Go FRED!!!

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    o k i am a dem for life and ill tell you why the repulicans ARE going to win....its becouse we dems are just plain silly enough to let hilary win the primary..and im sorry thats why we will loose..also im sorry to say the same goes for obama...he will loose to a rep too...the only chance we have this time around is to get everybody together and vote for edwards..then maybe he will pul obama in as v.p. and we will win this thing...otherwise get set for 8 more republican years...sorry to be the bearer of that bad news...good luck and god bless america!!!!!

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