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Will the yankees take A-rod back?

If Cashmans comment about if he opts out of the contract then he's done with the yankees is to be taken seriously why are they bothering to talk with him now that he's not with Boras? Personally I think they should stick to their word and find someone new. On a side note Dodger / Yankee world series this year or next in the new stadium would be great

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    I think they will. They're one of the only teams who would be willing to pay him what he wants! I think we'll be seeing A-Rod in a Yankee jersey next season, but we'll have to wait and see.

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    355 (Level 2) I"ll trade you 54 A-Rod home runs for 3 Reggie Jackson Home Runs anytime ...

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term "money player."

    George ... why? He's had a chance he's just not a Yankee

    Staring pitching ... staring pitching ... starting pitching ...

    Of course it wasn't pitching that cost us the extra innning game against cleveland, where was the money then A-Rod?

    Yeah hoooo April Rod is back ... I know maybe we can get Bonds too ... then we'd have a matching set of Mr. Aprils. Where have you gone Reggie ...

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    He will be with the Yanks. No one else can afford to pay him what he wants. He met with them yesterday and it looks like he's hammering out his own deal sans Boras. We'll see but if I had to bet...I would bet on him playing in NYC for the next 8-10 years...they can have Red Sox fans don't want him...hopefully we sign Lowell!

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    The Yanks are close to taking him back because nobody wants him and cant afford him, He asks for too much. He's asking for 275m with the Yanks for 10 yrs or over or made a deal its on yahoo sports.

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