Israel - rogue terrorist state ? . Israel -misunderstood peacemaker in the middle east ? Or something else .?

I just want tax dollars, collected from people spent to support Israel , regardless , ended .

I could care less if a company wants to take the profits it earns and donate them all to Israel .

Just stop taking my tax dollars to do it .

How many of you want to stop funding Israel and provide them with all the moral support they deserve .Those who want can cheer them on from the sidelines or go join them . Just stop taking my money to do it .


I do not want any aid given if it comes from taxes period to other nations .

We can have a charity drive and people can fund who they want . Is any one group of people more deserving then another .

So I might want my taxes to support My Father land Germany .

If we are going to take peoples money it should be almost unanimous on what we use it for .

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    In terms of spending, Israel is the largest recipient of US aid. The US gives Israel approximately 3 billion dollars a year - 60% on military, 40% on economic aid and this does not include loan guarantees. According to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the total cost to the average US taxpayer going to Israel is $23,240 !!( )

    Even though far richer than sub-Saharan Africa, Israel and Egypt together receive about $4.5 billion a year, more than ALL African countries combined.!

    If I were an American, I'd be writing my government representative and voice my objection to the outrageous amount given to Israel. Especially considering that Israel has been targeted for breaking 65 UN resolutions AND additional General Resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    For a list of some of these resolutions, go to:

    Jews Against the Occupation

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most Israelis agree with you that Israel should stop getting aid from the US, because the US puts a lot of conditions on the money.

    Israel has been getting several million less each year while Egypts aid which is pretty close to the amount of Israels, hasnt changed. Saudi Arabia also get aid, though not sure why since they are rich

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Israel receive more than 20 billions $ each year from American taxpayers without their consent: 3.7B$ from the Congress Foreign Aid Program, 10B$ Free Loans Guarantee, and 6 to 10 B$ from USA Tax System Loophole as Charity money deducted from American JEWS Tax's to be sent to Israeli Settlements. And Israel spy on the USA.

    And yet Israel spy on the USA sham on Israel.

  • TJTB
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    1 decade ago

    Amen. The problem is that AIPAC has politicians from both parties in their pockets and they're so powerful that what they "request" gets met, no questions asked. Do a little poking around about them and the Bilderberg group and you'll see what money and influence can buy: More money and influence if one knows which buttons to push and whom to buy and know, they do...

    Thanks for having the fortitude to ask this question. Many people think it but are very afraid of questioning it. Ever wonder why? I did, until I started to realize the extent of one small country's political grip around our throats. It's outrageous and the only way to stop it is through informing the societal sheep who write the checks and never question where it goes. Thanks for bringing it up.

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    Israel, Egypt, and Jordan try to fight terrorism.

    We pay them to support their fight against terrorism.

    We do that so we can stop terrorism at the root, in the Middle East! And the money that would get sent to African countries would probably be used in corrupted ways. Also, if we only feed people enough to survive, they will suffer. It is not a good situation over there!

  • Lisa B
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    1 decade ago

    Why is Israel being singled out yet again? The US will never stop funding Israel and you know what, let us stop funding all the other terrorist nations of the world! Israel is a democracy, and always trust a Jewish person. We're honest!

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    When a person wonders if Israel is a "rogue terrorst state" then that kind of gives that person's motivations away.

    The US has a vested interest in supporting democracy and fighting terrorism. The technology developed by Israel in fighting terrorism and the intelligence provided by Israel both prove invaluable to the US. The US gets more for the aid that is given Israel than it gets for the aid that it gives a lot of country.

    Also, most of the aid "given" Israel are military weapons which Israel buys. There is very little aid which is just handed over free and clear.

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    I'll go for something else, Israel is the historical owner of the land from Ghaza to Jordania, by God's command, that of course doesn't mean they cannot share with our brothers the sons of Ismael, aka the muslims.

    I think that under the rule of some presidents like Nethanyahu and Sharon Israel became a bully to the Palestinians, but it was those presidents fault not the whole nations.

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    All other countries in the Middle east cost tax money too. That I know, people support Israel on their own choice.

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    We send some 2 billion dollars a year to Palestinians (who turn around and jump for joy when the Towers fall) but you want to stop sending money to Israel?

    Israel is the easiest country in the world to figure out. They are not misunderstood, or rogues; its just that what the global community understands about Israel scares them. Israel knows that its existence is tenuous; if they lose just one war, they are gone. And possibly the Jewish religion will be gone. They are surrounded on all sides by people that want them dead, politically, religiously, by any fashion, the Muslim countries surrounding Israel want Israel "wiped off the map," to quote Iran. So Israel plays to win. If you attack Israel, they will come with full force to your country, and because Israel has a much better army and air force than their neighbors, it looks like Israel is just pointlessly slaughtering Muslims, but in fact they have NEVER attacked when they were not attacked first.

    In short, Israel is very easy to figure out. Its just that the global community doesn't like what they see. The UN needs to hear the lies like what N. Korea and Iran tells them; they want to hear "Everything is A-OK, number one!" Israel will say "We want to bomb these people, that alright?" The global leaders do not like hearing that.

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