What's the difference between a cultured and an educated person?

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    That is like describing an almanac and a pearl.

    An educated person has imbibed the facts, the data, opinions, etc - - - all things within the realm of his study. He could be an almanac. Or a walking encyclopedia of sorts.

    A cultured person is like a pearl. A pearl is formed in its shell over the years, a product of a grain of sand causing the formation of such beauty. Through years and years, the oyster is nourished, and flourishes even through the storm. Nothing will stop the formation of that beauty caused by that little irritating sand. Thus, a cultured person is so self-assured because he has been through what it takes to be strong, and to be balanced. And to be so polished.

    A topnotch lawyer may be the best educated lawyer you can find. That doesn't mean he is cultured. He could be extremely rough on the edges when it comes to the finer things in life.

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    A cultured person doesn't exactly correlate with being immersed in a single culture. To me it has to do with being open minded to all cultures and to pick up on and learn the finer aspects of these different social groups , sub cultures, locations, religion's , past times and many other groups that define people.

    A educated person is basing themselves in the realm of academia to learn facts, sharpen cognition/ think for themselves and come up with original theories (or to extrapolate), to think outside the box basically. When doing so they are usually focused on a certain subject or career in mind. There can be correlation with the world of academia and being "cultured" especially when it comes to the arts for instance or even when people want to study abroad ,as they are usually trying to become "cultured" while obtaining there academic goals.

    This is just my opinion.

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    It's exactly as how french kiss described it. I couldn't have said it better. Maybe by example I could further differentiate it for you. An educated person could probably recite Shakespearean sonnets to you but a cultured person could most likely do it better coz he has seen the actual plays and could emote it too. In essence, an educated person is well-versed in general knowledge while a cultured person is fine-tuned to the arts as well.

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    Education results in an educated person, education plus civility towards your fellow man is the essence of being cultured. Knowing, acting and treating your fellow man with respect and dignity is what it takes to be cultured.

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    i think a cultured person is a person who's raise in a certain/particular way which is specific only to that culture. like we, filipinos, we are raise thinking that we should respect people older than us even if they're not that respectful or even if they're drug addicts...blahblah...

    and an educated person, obviously... is a person who receive a formal education from a certain institution.

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