Should FCC changes the rules regarding media "cross-ownership"?

The Federal Communications Commission just had a hearing in Seattle last Friday on proposals to ease long-standing limits on how many local media outlets a single company can own.

Should a single company own more than one media outlets and how it going to effect the future of mass media and why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The FCC chairman has proposed changes in the cross-ownership rule to allow more cross-ownership in the top 20 markets. This is moving too slowly for the investors planning to buy the Chicago Tribune company, where some properties may have to be sold to meet the standards. Almost every media outlet of any size is owned by a company that owns more than one media outlet. The question is: what limits should the government set for cross ownership within a single market? There are so many new media ventures, and the barriers to entry are so low, that it may not mean as much to have a media monopoly as it once did.

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