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Please faster!!!

For homework that need to hand in tomorrow morning!!!

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    Covered by Dana said that the Alps 4,000 meters above areas, snow has been no rebate, along the edge peak accumulation. France Measuring Mission in the September 15, 16 days after the discovery of the measurement,白朗峰two years increased by 2.15 meters.

    France Measuring Mission team members波若Dole said, "白朗峰of constant height and volume increased significantly, it is because the past two years have been trapped at the peak snow." In白朗峰slopes, the ice volume since 2005 has increased almost doubled this year to 20,004 thousand one hundred cubic meters.

    白朗峰4800 meters above the slopes of ice accumulation in 2003 measured volume of 10,004 thousand six hundred cubic meters, 2005 decreased to 10,004 thousand three hundred cubic meters, this year has increased nearly Unexpectedly doubled.

    Covered by Dana said, Alps no increase in rainfall, we can conclude that climate change is part of the company. He explained that the researchers found that, from the direction of the west side of the Alps, the increasing frequency of wind, rain and therefore bring a higher temperature. In summer, and rainfall to the elevation 4,000 meters above areas, we have snow, resulting白朗峰snow increase to the winter, snow and ice hit by strong winds, it will not白朗峰height and the volume of snow have an impact.

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