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我要把翻譯的內容用講的方式錄成錄音帶,老師規定要五分鐘= =






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    I feel that the content of this film is to cooperate to be bigger than a competition, because greatly part of curriculums taken all on the anatomy, and had a class to call them divide into a set in the beginning, just can complete a practice of time through everyone's division of labour, probably someone read aloud the step of dissection, another person then is responsible for dissection, while the others be simultaneously lending support to and learning, and remembered each organ in the body and organization etc....They then get together a mutual surprise test while wenting to examination and want someone only to answer of complete and correct, other set member all will be the other party and happy, though the examination still keeps testing separately, because is a set together so everyone seems to be to all have to fight shoulder to shoulder of spirit, therefore their feelings is also better and better, the feeling that sees this kind of cooperation is really good, everyone as long as have centrifugal force and then can complete a lot of things together.

    And at competition of aspect, in addition to examination result come out after will inquire result mutually and a little bit comparison, other all O.K., just still meeting someone for letting the teacher leave an impression and flattering a teacher to the adulation intentionally, it make the person see to feel his behavior is ridiculous and then stupid, this society among original exist competition and cooperate, through cooperation everyone can make concerted effort completion thing, but also because have a competition, we can have a progress.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I thought that this piece the content is the cooperation is bigger than the competition, because majority of photographs curriculum in anatomy, but attends class is called them to group from the very beginning, only then may complete a time by everybody's division of labor and cooperation practice, some people read the dissection step possibly, another person is responsible to dissect, but other people in one side are auxiliary and studies, and remembers in body's each organ and the organization and so on…When to test, they then gather in the same place spot-test a random sample of students mutually, so long as some people replied completeness and the correctness, other groups of can for opposite party, but is happy, although takes a test tests individually, but because is group, therefore everybody as if has the fighting side-by-side spirit, also therefore their sentiment is also getting better and better, saw this kind of cooperation feeling is really very good, so long as each person has the centripetal force to be possible to complete very many matters together.

    But in the competition aspect, comes out after the examination result will inquire the result mutually, but compares outside slightly, other fortunately, only will be some people to let teacher make the impression, but will flatter to flatter teacher desirably, made one look had thought that his behavior was very laughable is also stupid, in the middle of this society has the competition and the cooperation originally, by cooperated everybody to be possible to work with concerted efforts completes the matter, but because also had the competition, we could have progress.




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