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1.Problem structuring is the most critical phase of policy analysis,since policy analysts fail more often because they solve the wrong problem than because they get the wrong solution to the right problem .The fatal error in policy analysis is to solve the wrong formulation of a problem when one should save solved the right one.

2.Agenda setting is The process by which problems and alternative solutions gain or lose public and elite attention!Group competition to set the agenda is fierce because no society or political system has institutional capacity to address all possible alternatlves to all possible problems,that arise at any one time.

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    1. 自從政策分析員比起給了正確的問題錯誤的解決方法,有更多的失敗是因為解決了錯誤的問題,問題建構就成了政策分析最關鍵的階段。政策分析中,致命的錯誤就是解決了應該要是正確的錯誤問題構思。

    2. 議程設定是問題與備案獲得或失去公眾和專業人士注意力的過程!用團體競賽的方式來設定議程是十分糟糕的,因為沒有社群或是政治系統擁有機構能力來提出所有可能問題的所有可能替代方案,這些可能在任何一個時點產生。


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