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Where is there in your box?

1)是What is there in the box?或是What are there in the box?

2) A:______________________________________

B: There are lions and tigers near the tree.

A:是What is there near the tree?還是 What are there near the tree?

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    1) 因為問這種問題, 表示問的人看不到box裡有什麼, 所以就以單數來問: What is there in the box? (或 What is in the box?)

    如果問的人已經看到box有東西, 那應該問 What are those things in the box? 或 What is that (thing) in the box?

    2) A已經看到tree旁邊有動物, 所以B才有此回答, 所以 A 問的是: What are there near the tree?

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    what are those in the box?


    what is it in the box?


    What in the box?

    2.What are those near the three/

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