Writing a poem for a first date.?

I've been talking to this girl for about a week and we're going to go out on our first date on the 23rd. I'm in the middle of a poem and I was just wondering if you girls think it is appropriate to read a poem to a girl on a first date. I'm 20 and she's 19. We've never met but it seems like we are really compatible. I'd put the poem on here but I'm not finished and I don't want some ****** stealing it either. So ladies what do you think. Is it creepy or romantic?


LOL! heylo how can you be "too" into someone. It's like "oh I don't like that guy he seems to like me too much" lol. Of course I wouldn't write sexual things in a poem on a first date that would be worse than just asking for sex. Uggh. If you people knew me it would help. She knows me pretty well even though we've never met and have only known each other a week and a half. Besides she loves poetry. I think I'm going to take the chance but I'll revise one line. Thanks for the help

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    It all depends what's in the poem. it is romantic tho. if it tells how much you wanna see her, get to know her, nice voice, she's interesting, good personality, roses, flowers, and all that stuf. but if it has something like, can't wait to taste your lips, have you in my arms, make love to you all nite, touch your naked body, that won't work. so get in the mood of the moment and time, and it will be romantic.

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    Oh I was going to write that you can't be love that fast but then I got to the bottom of your post- where it states your ages. I am sorry to suggest this because I don't want to offend anyone but it sounds like he might be confusing love with lust. I mean you even said yourself, the poem is weird. I love your WHITE TEETH, HAIR, EYES --> those are all physical attributes. Did he write anything about loving your caring personality or sense of humor. I think you should think long and hard about whether this guy like you or the thought of "being" with you and again, sorry if this offensive but it was my first instinct. I know you think something is up as well because otherwise you wouldn't be posting on here. GL

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    I personally would save it until you and her know each other better.

    That is pretty sweet and romantic, but like what everyone else says, it completely depends on what you wrote in your poem.

    But still, I wouldn't do a poem on the first date. Wait at least on the second or third date. :)

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    Ughhh....depending on the content that could be very creepy.

    I mean, if it's a cute, kinda stupid poem that's just to joke around, go for it, but if it's something deep and romantic on a first date with someone you never met, I just realllllllllly think that you might want to hold off until like...you're been dating a while or something. best of luck! :]

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    that's a hard one.

    I'd say its more attractive when somebody is "hard to get". Since you took all that time to write her a poem even meeting her might send her the message that you are too into her.

    Hold on to it until the next date if the first one goes well!

    Good luck.

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  • li
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    1 decade ago

    i dont think its creepy, but here is what will probably go through her mind:

    "we've never met, so how can this poem truly reflect how he feels about me? he's probably done this before, because its not very personal because he doesnt know my weird little quirks yet. he probably wants me to gush about it and then sleep with him"

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    it's just a first date, take it easy! do NOT read it to her. it might freak her out a little bit. it would be better to read it to her after one or two months. that would be romantic.

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    Save it until you've gotten to know each other better.

    Since you don't know how she'll take it, it could go either way.

    If you want to take a risk, go for it.

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    Me i think that is very sweet and very romantic

    why are all the good guys taken

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