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Does the flu shot have any side effects?

My husband is getting a flu shot tomorrow at work and he's worried about the side effects. This is his first time and he's heard from a lot of people that he'll get sick. What side effects, if any, should he expect?

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    Actually the Flu shot does NOT contain the activated virus. The virus is inactive (meaning dead). There are people who become sick after the shot, but that is generally because they have contracted the virus before symptoms appear. If your husband is generally healthy, he should not be fearful of side effects. He may experience some soreness in the area of the injection but that should be all. Unless he has a chronic illness, I would encourage him to get the influenza vaccine.

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    The latest news on this is you are not supposed to get sick.

    Sometimes I think you get a cold or something after the shot

    is cuz they line up people and someone always sneezes or

    has hacking cough. A sneeze remains in the room for about

    45 mins. so easy to catch something from that. Germs are

    where lots of people are.

    Really there should not be side effects BUT I would ask

    before the person gives me a shot. I seem to recall if

    you have allergies to eggs you cannot or should not get

    Flu Shot.

    Usually the Flu Shot is the best thing to get to prevent

    horrid flu.

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    Well, some get sick, some do not. Depends how healthy you are. I know the worst part about getting my flu shot was the $10 bucks we have to pay at work. That is about the most severe side effect I have had.

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    sometimes people get a little bit of flu like symptoms from the flu shot. this is because the flu shot is putting some of the flu virus into your body so you can build off an immunity to it. your husband might feel sick for a few days, but probably nothing too bad. plus, he wont get the flu for the rest of the season so i wouldnt worry too much about the side effects.

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    The flu shot is basically is some of the virus itself. They say if you are allergic to eggs then you should not get the flu shot. Some people have gotten the flu after getting the flu shot. I have had one flu shot in my life and I don't feel the need to get it. There are precautions one can take to lower your probability of getting the flu (I.E. handwashing, plenty of vitamin C, dress appropriately for the weather, etc).

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    I've had them for 5 years in a row. The only side effect I had was a slightly sore arm.

    My dad and Husband also get them and never had side effects

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    When I got mine I had flu like symptoms.

  • Anonymous
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    mild flu like systems for a couple of days

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    there is a chance you can get sick from the flu shot, i know several people who have just recently had them and they got mildy sick for several day (cough, headaches...) but nothing too serious. it can make your arm very very soar though. mine was soar for three days it was very uncomfortable.

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    yes he is going to get sick my dad got the shot and he spiked a fever that put him in the hospital, most ppl get the flu any way sore muscles, body ache, and having to stay home from work I think he is better taking his chances

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