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Ben Roethlisberger is a top NFL quarterback?! Please!?

Why do Steeler fans insist on claiming that Ben Roethlisberger is one of the top quarterbacks in ther NFL. He is clearly the Trent Dilfer of this generation.

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    The Steelers didn't get rid of their Super Bowl winning quarterback after they won it, unlike the Ravens. He had an off year last season (when he got hit by a Chrysler), but he's putting up impressive numbers this year. Save for about 5 or 6 teams, I'm sure there are plenty who would give anything to have Ben if they had the chance.

    EDIT: To Rated R Avatar, yeah Fast Willie sure gained all those yards to the redzone in that game against the Ravens. Please, I think 3 of Ben's touchdowns in that game came off of 3rd and longs.

    That's my 2 for 2.

  • Obviously I may be a bit biased, but I consider top being at least 80%, using the 80/20 rule. So that would make anyone in the top 7 a top NFL QB. SO we have. Manning, Brady, Favre, Brees, Romo, Palmer, Big Ben. I think Brees and Palmer are a stretch. So top 3 probably not. A top QB I would say so.

    If not name 7 who are better over the past three years. Favre is in because of this and pre three years ago so maybe a stretch too. Romo and Derek Anderson are having great years but haven't had two like Ben. Just my opinion.

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    Ben Roethlisberger came right out of college and led his team to the superbowl. Also he is one of the youngest quarterbacks to ever go to superbowl if that does not deserve respect then I don't know what does. Also I would like to state that in the polls he is rated in the top among quarterbacks in the NFL under Tom Brady who still is not as good at Ben in the game of running the ball in to get the points. Ben Roethlisberger is respectable because he will put himself on the line to win the game. He does not scramble and hide he leads his team and that is all that matters. He has his heart in the game and plays with all he has every game if you can not respect that then you do not know the true meaning of football.

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    Give Big Ben some credit!! He won a Super Bowl straight out of college. No transition issues between college and the pros. His lackluster performance last year was due to the motorcycle crash and appendectomy. Could you do your job effectively if that happened to you within a two to three month time frame?! I am a Panthers fan(so I am dealing with my own issues) but as a lover of good football Ben has got to be at least in the top 6 QB's playing today!!

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    I believe I read that Ben is ranked #2 this week...hard to argue with the pro's. Ben is an awesome QB with an awesome rating. Don't forget he is just starting...he doesn't have the years and experience that some of the others have. If he keeps going like he's going he will surely be one of the very best QB's of all time! Go Big Ben and go STEELERS!!

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    First off look at the week. It's a week where the Pat's had their bye and the Colts had a huge upset.

    Then take into account that the GB packers and Cowboys should be up in that list. Then reality will strike. Both

    GB and Dallas are 8 and 1. What's the steelers 7 and 2.

    Don't get me worry Ben Is a great QuarterBack however there are others above him.

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    Trent Dilfer, huh?

    Okay, in the interest of fairness, lets do a side by side comparison of their first few years:

    Dilfer 1994-1997: Rothlisberger 2004-2007:

    Games played: 53 Games Played: 50

    TD's: 38(p), 3(r) TD's: 74(p), 7(r)

    INTs: 54 INT's: 50

    Yards: 8621 Yards: 10,539

    Regular Season:

    Team Record: 32-32 Team Record: 41-16


    Super Bowls won as starting QB: Zero, zip, zilch, nada, NONE


    Super Bowls won as starting QB: One, PLUs two AFC Championship game appearances.

    Roethlisberger has nearly twice as many TD's, fewer ints, 2000+ more yards, and a SUPER BOWL RING in his first four years. Moreover, he went 15-1 in his first 16 regular season games. AND took the Steelers to the AFC Championship in his first year.

    I would say your comparison machine needs calibrating, pard...

    EDIT: Just for another side-by-side comparison against the two QB's on everyone's minds - Brady and Manning - in their first four years in the league:

    Brady: Super Bowl wins in first four years - 1

    Attempts 2018

    Comp 1243

    TD's 97

    Yards 13925

    INT's 52

    QB Rating - 87.6

    Manning: Super Bowl wins in first four years - 0

    Attempts 2226

    Comp 1357

    TD's 111

    Yards 16408

    INT's 81

    QB Rating - 85.1

    Roethlisberger: Super Bowl wins - 1

    Attempts 1274

    Comp 804

    TD's 74

    Yards 10539

    INT's 50

    QB Rating - 92.2

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    Big Ben 'looked' like he could be a Trent Dilfer, but this year he's proving that to be completely wrong. He's been solid this year and I really think his career will be, too.

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    pittsburgh is a running team, and always will be. stop being biased. hes shown this year so far that he should be considered a top 5 QB. Tony Romo is over rated and makes alot of stupid mistakes. Ben has shown this year that hes moving more away from the mistakes and becoming more of a leader.

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    Top 5 is a stretch. Yes he won a Super Bowl but not from his stats. He's never thrown for 4000 yards and never thrown over 20 TD's until this season. For me 4000 yds and at least 25 TD's in a season is the benchmark. And on top of that can you do it year after year. Granted this year he is throwing better than ever. The Steelers defense is why they were in the Super Bowl and its why they are where they are currently. Ben is doing a good job though. I like to compare him to Eli Manning. They both show flashes of being special but they both seem to go into a funk periodically. He is good, but the top 5, eehhhhh, i would have to disagree at least at this point. AND DON"T FORGET THE STEELERS HAD I THINK THE SECOND EASIEST SCHEDULE this year.

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