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What type of pet frog(s) prefer to stay in water?

I have a set up that has half of the tank land, with a little "stream" and waterfall type thing, and the other half is water, suitable to keep a goldfish or feeder fish in. I initally bought it for a turtle, but he quickly outgrew his surroundings, so now I am thinking of getting a frog or frogs to put in this and was curious as to which of type of frog would thrive in this type of setup.

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    That sounds like it would be a good environment for a fire belly frog

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    Hi, I wouldn't suggest putting any fish into the 'stream', especially not goldfish. Besides being stunted, it won't last 1/30th of it's lifespan in there. Frankly, I'd be surprised if it lasted one week. You didn't say how big the enclosure is, but you have several options. Any morph of dendrobates tinctorius could live in there if it had enough land space, but it won't go in the water at all, and you shouldn't mix it with anything. Dendrobates Galactonotus and some of the Pyllobates species might be good candidates too for bigger tanks. You can also try a fire bellied toad, or a pacman frog, but again the pacman frog will appreciate the land area more. Treefrogs/Arboreal frogs will be poor choices, they can actually drown in the water if it is too deep.

    Leopard frogs would be good in that setup, but I would hope you have at least 55 gallons for one or two of them. Same for pickeral frogs.

    If there is enough water, you can do an aquatic frog like an African Dwarf Frog.

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    I have read some of the responses people have left you and you can't put african clawed or african dwarf frogs in a tank with any land. They are totally aquatic and need nothing but water in their tank along with hiding places etc... No Land.

    They are both cool types of frogs. Dwarfs have a disease spreading thru their population so it is really hard to find healthy ones. African clawed frogs on the other hand are some hard work doing partial water changes weekly etc.. but they are lots of fun.

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    Fire Belly Frog would love it.

    Tomato frog would be a good option too.

    Newts and salamanders love tanks with water and land.

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    Im a large fan of betta fish. they are large ordinary to look after and the "decor" that all and sundry the betta abodes are available is extremely diverse now a days. they are labyrinth fish-so that they might breath atmospheric air if their tanks get a splash grimy. they arrive in each and every style of sizes and fins and colours. they are an much less costly investment and up shop is low fee/low upkeep. they don't scent like frogs and different amphibians can. so a procedures as delivery, I shop my Betta's cup along with his little lid and stick him in my cup holder for the experience! yet, you additionally can look at hearth Bellied Toads-they are neat looking.

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    The African Dwarf Frog is 100% aquatic and never goes on land. It only gets about 1.5 inches.

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    maby try

    reed frogs

    african clawed frogs

    african dwarf frogs

    african leopord frogs

    african bull frogs/pixi frogs

    fire belly frogs

    fire belly toads

    i think thats just a few...

    mabey get a coulple fire belly newts...they r cool and can live with clawed frogs

    dwarf frogs

    leopard frogs

    reed frogs

    fore belly frogs

    and fire belly toads

    hope this helps

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    There are many North American ranids, such as leopard or green frogs, that would do well in that type of setup.

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