what was the religion like during the revolutionary war?

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    Diverse and mostly spread out by region....Maryland= Catholic, Pennsylvania = Quaker, Massachusetts + Congregational, Virginia = Epicopalian, North/South Carolina, Georgia = Episcopalian & Baptist (Rich v Poor)...although men like Jefferson and Washington did not attend services and others like Franklin were Diests

    Signer and non Signers ofb the Constitution

    Daniel Carroll Maryland Catholic

    Thomas Fitzsimons Pennsylvania Catholic

    Roger Sherman Connecticut Congregationalist

    Nathaniel Gorham Massachusetts Congregationalist

    John Langdon New Hampshire Congregationalist

    Nicholas Gilman New Hampshire Congregationalist

    Abraham Baldwin Georgia Congregationalist; Episcopalian

    William Samuel Johnson Connecticut Episcopalian; Presbyterian

    James Madison Jr. Virginia Episcopalian

    George Read Delaware Episcopalian

    Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Maryland Episcopalian

    David Brearly New Jersey Episcopalian

    Richard Dobbs Spaight, Sr. North Carolina Episcopalian

    Robert Morris Pennsylvania Episcopalian

    Gouverneur Morris Pennsylvania Episcopalian

    John Rutledge South Carolina Episcopalian

    Charles Cotesworth Pinckney South Carolina Episcopalian

    Charles Pinckney South Carolina Episcopalian

    Pierce Butler South Carolina Episcopalian

    George Washington Virginia Episcopalian

    Benjamin Franklin Pennsylvania Episcopalian (Deist)

    William Blount North Carolina Episcopalian; Presbyterian

    James Wilson Pennsylvania Episcopalian; Presbyteran

    Rufus King Massachusetts Episcopalian; Congregationalist

    Jacob Broom Delaware Lutheran

    William Few Georgia Methodist

    Richard Bassett Delaware Methodist

    Gunning Bedford Jr. Delaware Presbyterian

    James McHenry Maryland Presbyterian

    William Livingston New Jersey Presbyterian

    William Paterson New Jersey Presbyterian

    Hugh Williamson North Carolina Presbyterian

    Jared Ingersoll Pennsylvania Presbyterian

    Alexander Hamilton New York Huguenot; Presbyterian; Episcopalian

    Jonathan Dayton New Jersey Presbyterian; Episcopalian

    John Blair Virginia Presbyterian; Episcopalian

    John Dickinson Delaware Quaker; Episcopalian

    George Clymer Pennsylvania Quaker; Episcopalian

    Thomas Mifflin Pennsylvania Quaker; Lutheran

    Name of Non-Signing Delegate State Religious Affiliation

    Oliver Ellsworth Connecticut Congregationalist

    Caleb Strong Massachusetts Congregationalist

    John Lansing, Jr. New York Dutch Reformed

    Robert Yates New York Dutch Reformed

    William Houstoun Georgia Episcopalian

    William Leigh Pierce Georgia Episcopalian

    Luther Martin Maryland Episcopalian

    John F. Mercer Maryland Episcopalian

    Elbridge Gerry Massachusetts Episcopalian

    George Mason Virginia Episcopalian

    Edmund J. Randolph Virginia Episcopalian

    George Wythe Virginia Episcopalian

    James McClurg Virginia Presbyterian

    William C. Houston New Jersey Presbyterian

    William R. Davie North Carolina Presbyterian

    Alexander Martin North Carolina Presbyterian

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