people do you realize if you get illegal software, you won't be able to upload patches, security updates?



guys in most cases NOT. esspecially with XP professional.

Update 2:

Jib: exactly, well those people need a bit of education :P

Update 3:

SP: dude most people are not tech savvy....i know what you meant, but they don't

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    Yes, I am caution about software that purchase online or offline. I like to share my findings to those who are not aware of illegal or geniune software.

    If a software deal seems too good to be true, beware – you may be buying into a lot of trouble which you end up paying for in the end. When buying software online, be wary of purchasing "compilation disks" that contain software titles from several different publishers on the same disk or many different versions of the same software. Also steer clear of sellers who offer "back-up copies" of software. Both of these are warning signs that the software is illegal.

    What You Can Do

    If you don't know if you are using illegal software in your enviornment, here are some steps you can take:

    Conduct a software audit. Use a simple spreadsheet to list all of your PCs and servers and document the software running on each. Indicate whether you have proper licensing and Certificates of Authenticity for everything you are using.

    Fix any discrepancies. If you determine you have illegal software or are running software you can't say for certain is valid, replace it with legal, licensed software that will be supported by manufacturers and eligible for upgrades and updates.

    If you use Microsoft Windows XP, you can also take part in the company's Windows Genuine Advantage program that helps you automatically check the authenticity of your software. By participating in the Windows Genuine Advantage program you are also eligible for special downloads and other benefits. You can check for genuine software.Here's where to look for COA labels on software you are purchasing:

    For software that is purchased separate from a PC through retail channels, the COA label will be affixed to the top of the software packaging and like a mailing label.

    For Windows software that is preinstalled by a PC manufacturer, the COA label should be affixed to the body of the PC

    For other types of Microsoft software (Microsoft Office for example) that comes with the purchase of a PC, the COA label is included with your system recovery CD.

    For Windows software that comes preinstalled on PDAs and other small devices, the COA label may be affixed to the body or under the battery.

    Take this Value of Genuine quiz and find out how much you know about ensuring that the software you use in your environment is genuine Microsoft software. You can take this quiz when you visit:

    At the end of this test, you can check your results

    1. True or false: One copy of the Microsoft Windows operating system can be used on multiple PCs.

    a) True

    b) False

    2. What does the Windows Genuine Advantage program offer?

    a) A tool for comparing the anti-spyware features included with your product to those included with genuine Microsoft software

    b) Special offers and downloads

    c) Windows Validation Assistant

    d) Updates, enhancements and support

    e) All of the above

    3. True or false: You must offer personal identification information to activate or register your Microsoft software.

    a) True

    b) False

    4. Which of the following does NOT represent proof of genuine software?

    a) Hologram media on software CDs

    b) Documentation

    c) Proof of purchase

    d) Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

    e) End-user license agreement (EULA)

    5. True or false: Product activation can help protect the software assets purchased by a customer from being used by others.

    a) True

    b) False

    6. What is the definition of software piracy?

    a) The intentional or unintentional sale or sharing of illegal copies of software

    b) The installation of legal copies of software on more than one PC

    c) The use of software for both personal and business functions

    7. Which of these are anti-piracy features?

    a) Buffered edges on software CDs

    b) Stereograms on software CDs

    c) Certificates of Authenticity (COA)

    d) Inner mirror bands on software CDs

    e) All of the above

    8. What is the Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?

    a) Your Microsoft Passport

    b) A label that helps you identify genuine Microsoft software

    c) A label that helps you identify your PC hardware

    d) An anti-spyware tool

    9. True or false: Software counterfeiting is the large-scale illegal duplication and distribution of software.

    a) True

    b) False

    10. What does the Windows Validation Assistant check for when scanning your computer?

    a) The presence of hologram media

    b) The Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

    c) A valid product key for the operating system

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    Most people that use LEGAL software have no clue that updating for security reasons is a necessity.

    I always advise people about this little online security tool called The Secunia Software Inspector, that scans a computer for un-secure, un-updated and un-patched apps that may be installed on your computer.

    The Secunia Software Inspector checks for possibly vulnerable programs like Adobe, Winamp, Java, Windows, Internet Explorer etc. and notifies if critical security updates are needed. Takes about 30 seconds and the results might suprise you!

    Will work using IE, Opera or Firefox.

    Pretty cool and free of course at:

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    Do you mean Windows XP?

    start -> run -> regedit -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> Current Version -> WPAEvents -> Double click OOBETimer -> Select all and delete -> FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD -> Right click on WPAEvents -> Permissions -> System -> Deny Full Control -> Apply -> Yes -> OK -> Done!

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    yea i gots xp on my laptop i brought only to find out dat update thingy wont work cos its a burnt copy and i cant install flash player 9 it wont lets me lil help or what to do would be good!

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    you mean DOWNLOAD, and you are partially incorrect. if you get pirated software, you can in most cases still get updates unless the developer is sophisticated enough to check for registered copies.

    for example, pirated copies of win xp can still get software updates (as long as you always choose not to download WGA).

    BUT.... that wasn't a question anyway.

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    Actually, if you do it correctly you can get all updates and patches....

    this includes Windows XP, Vista, Office etc.

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    Use linux or other open source software and you will get your updates free anyway.

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    Yes, did you find out the hard way?


    Use protection,

    your computer will thank you.

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