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What is the perfect beginner motorcycle for a lady?

I am 5'5" and 120 llbs. I really like the BMW F 800 S, but I have been told that it is not a starter bike.

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    My girlfriend started riding about a year ago and she is 5'-7" and 110. She bought a used Yamaha Virago 250. VERY low seat height and easy for her to learn on. Now that her confidence is higher, she is ready to sell it and move up to a bigger bike. This is a good strategy, as some others have recommended. Here are some tips:

    - Buy a used 250 Honda or Yamaha knowing that you will sell it once you get comfortable with riding. By buying a used bike, you won't take a huge beating when it comes time to sell it.

    - Some have suggested a scooter. That is OK, but it does not prepare you for shifting, which you will need to do once you move up to a larger bike.

    - Shop around before buying a BMW 800. They are excellent motorcycles, but they are pretty tall bikes for someone 5'-5". They are also pricey and BMW's maintenance costs can be pretty high too. Nevertheless, if you have your heart set on one, get it. They can adjust the seat and suspension so you can ride comfortably.

    - TAKE AN MSF RIDER COURSE in your area. It is a 2 day course and it will be the best money and time you ever spent. My girlfriend did this and it was great. We both take a 1-day experienced rider course EVERY YEAR as a refresher, and I have been riding for 35 years!

    - Always, always, always wear an approved helmet and protective gear. You want to keep that 5'5" body in tip-top shape!

    Good luck and RIDE SAFE!

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    One important thing is that you should be able to sit on a bike with both feet flat on the ground. This sometimes limits the choices for a girl if she's short (what we call 'inseam challenged'). Other than that, you want something smaller and lighter for your first bike. You don't want to buy a shiny new bike because you're going to be hard on your first bike, you're probably going to abuse the clutch, and you might drop it once or twice before you get the hang of it. Cruisers (like your BF's Harley) are easier to manage because they have such a low center of gravity. Plus they have a lower seat. Plus if you got, say a Japanese cruiser, you'd match your BF. Bikes like the Honda Shadow, Suzuki Savage, Yamaha Star etc. A 650 or 750 is big enough for starters, in fact you might not outgrow it at all. You should take the MSF course (Motorcycle Safety Foundation). They actually provide the bike for you. They will get you started with the right habits. At first it's all about safety, since half of all motorcycle accidents happen to people in their first year, so it's good to get started off on the right foot. You can find your local MSF through the DMV (or whatever initials they use where you live.) If you never rode a bicycle, I'd start with one of those to get the idea of balancing and steering. If you can't drive a car with a manual shift, it will take you a while to get the idea. But if you can ride a bike and shift a car, it's not hard to ride a motorcycle at all. And it's much more fun to drive than ride on the back!

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    The F800 is a bit pricey for a first bike IMHO. Plus I think you'd find most BMWs to be a bit too tall for ya at 5'5". BUT I've seen folks about that height riding them. Maybe a "low seat" would help.

    I guess, if you really want a BMW, find a used K75 with the "low seat" option, they are sweet sweet bikes and you can find a used one cheap. WARNING you may like the K75 enough that you'll forget about the F800.

    The things I dislike about an F800, it's a ROTAX engine, so not even a BMW-built engine, PLUS it's got belt drive, and BMWs are traditionally a shaft drive bike, so you're shelling out around what, $12K-$15K for this "thing" BMW slapped a badge on basically. Try an R bike or K bike and see what a BMW is really all about.

    Source(s): 87 K75S orig owner (see avatar pic and squint)
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    If you want to start off real easy and slow I'd reccomend a Ninja 250. If you can handle something a little quicker and heavier go for a kawasaki ninja 500. If you know for a fact that you are a fast learner and can restrain yourself you could start with any 600 supersport or if you want something more comfortable a 600 standard. I personally started of with a kawasaki KLR 650 which is insanely tall but very easy and forgiving to ride. But a month later I had already gotten the urge for more and picked up a Honda 599 (600 standard) which was not hard to handle at all and could have been my first bike. Now 3 months later I ride a kawasaki ninja ZX-14 which is the fastest production bike alongside it's cousin the Suzuki Hayabusa.

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    If you are just starting out, the smaller the cc, the better. Try a 250cc and work your way up to a bike you know you can handle in extreme situations. You will find that your life factor on a bike is like 6 out of 10 that you will be hurt or killed..So, use extreme wisdom in getting on a motorcycle, in what you wear to watching out for others. It is great fun so play it safe.

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    It's a bit tall and heavy. You'll have an easier time learning on something smaller and a bit less powerful. At your size, you might want to consider something in the 250 to 500 cc size, like one of the smaller Kawasaki Ninjas or a Buell Blast.

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    Best starter bike is a Honda Rebel 250. You can find them used for uner 2,000. After you learn you can turn around and sell it to another newbie. Our bike club has 1 we sell to one another just for this reason.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    buy something like a 250cc small light and used so when you dump it a few times you won't worry about scratching it. Take a riders safety course when you think you know how to ride that move up to a 500 still something fairly light. Please becareful. Nothing like learning how to ride and having a heavy motorcycle with a hot pipe laying on your leg (smells like roast pork) been there, and you waiting for someone to lift it off of you. Sorry I just want you to becareful.

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    Suzuki's-600 or a Yamaha R6S. and No, no BMW is a good starter bike. besides they are so "police" like.

    Source(s): Motorcycle fanatic
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    definitely not a vespa, that's not really a BIKE.

    If you want a more athletic type bike- my mom used a honda one during her lisence training.

    i personally have been raised as a harley girl, a good one to start out with in that brand is a sportster.

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