I have a fax machine and it keeps saying "change the drum soon" what does that mean?, I know its not the toner

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    The drum is the other removable part that the toner fits into. It also has to be replace though not as often as the drum. Use your model name and number to order it just as the toner.

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    I have a fax machine and it keeps saying "change the drum soon" what does that mean?, I know its not the toner

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  • vulcan
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    1 decade ago

    Oh golly, ah, change the drum ! It is the hardware part that the paper wraps around during the fixing process. That is, the ink gets fixed to the paper. After a while the drums develops a large static charge and the plastic coating gets scratches. The result is the finished looks worse and worse. Now the manufacturer does not want it's product mean mouthed. So it hits you up to change the drum so that the finished item always looks pretty.

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    The drum is and electrostatic roller which "rolls" the image onto the page. A drum is a separate consumable part and you should be able to purchase it where you purchased you printer.

    Drums units can get very pricey. However you print quality will rapidly decline if the drum you are using is past it's service life.

    As a rule of thumb you can continue to use the same drum unil you start to get dark streaks, blotches or faded prints.

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    Brother Printer Drum End Soon

  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago

    The drum should last a bit after its screaming for changing, don't rush it too much but do change it. Unfortunately an expensive repair...

    If its too exp to repair have a look into the market for a new one and chuck it if you find that the drum costs as much as a new machine..

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    Would that be the reason my sent fax is coming out black at the other end?

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