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Yearbook help!!!!!!!!?

I am a member of the yearbook staff at my school. Our theme is and I-pod theme on the cover and it says "The Sound of ECHS." For every page there is a song on that page that has to do with the page. For example one of my pages I did is "Cross Country & Track & Field." The song I put on it is "Run It" by Chris Brown. Now I need a song for my choir page. I came up with one that I kinda like off of High School Musical, " You Are The Music In Me." But I want a song that everyone will immediately know it can be old or new. But please help. Thanks!!!!1

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    "Your Song" by Elton John

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    How about "Sing a song", by Joe Raposo (the guy who did a lot of the music for "Sesame Street")? Karen Carpenter recorded it, it made the charts, and it's been on Sesame Street (of course). I'd think that almost anyone under the age of 60 knows this one.

    I'm partial to Elton John's "Your Song", but my impression is that it's not all that well known these days, despite his long-time popularity.

    There's also "Thank you for the Music", ABBA's long-standing hit, and title of their retrospective show.

    Depending on the popularity of swing-era jazz in your school, you might also consider Benny Goodman's "Sing, sing, sing", a signature piece of that era.

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    'Music' by Madonna

    'When the Music's Over' by The Doors

    'Good Music' by Joan Jett

    'I Can't Hear the Music' by James Blunt

    'Listen to the Music' by the Doobie Brothers

    Hope this helps!

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