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看英文詩..寫短文 1

write a brief paragraph explaining what the poem is about, what interests you anbout the poem :

A childhood of

repeated molestations,

suffocation by drugs,

tragedy replacing hopscotch,

I grew crooked in the sunlight.

A smart kid,

"teacher's pet"

whom no boys liked,

tall, socially inept, and awkward,

I broke my own heart so many times.

A teenager,

backward but witty,

someone stopped

to look at me.

I fell in love with a horrible person.

A year lost spinning on drugs,

drowning in tears, burned in loud music.

A disease had forced himself

into more than my physicality.

Balled up in a corner, tasting salt,

I went numb while he read a magazine.

I took a mountain vacation,

wet green health soothed

my swollen eyes,

I met a broad, scarred man, never without his biccle.

I watched the white gold moon over a mountain,

the black tree outline trying

to hide it, my soul, from me

I talked to myself pretending

it was to the man next to me,

about past and present

about my horrible fearful future.

I realized i had given all my power

to the things I hated.

A warm, fluid feeling

rushed inside my spirit,

so unusual.

It must have been myself being born.

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    The poem is about the author who experienced drug, molestations, and tragedy during his childhood. During his teenage years, while shy, he became addicted to drugs and heavy musics. The drugs have decayed not only his body, but his soul as well. One time, he retreated to a mountain area. The scenery soothed his pain and sufferings. He then talked about his past and present as he was talking to someone else. He realized that he had focused his entire energy on things he hated. Since then, he felt like he was reborned.

    The part that interests me is when the author realized that he has focused his entire life on things he hates. Instead, he should focus on the things he loves. All he has to do is to get away from things he hates and experience things that will soothe his mind and soul.

    Source(s): 自己
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