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A Variety of Risks

Managing supply-chain risk is difficult because individual risks

are often interconnected. As a result, actions that mitigate one

risk can end up exacerbating another. Consider a lean supply chain. While bare-bones inventory levels decrease the impact of overforecasting demand, they simultaneously increase the impact of a supply-chain disruption. Similarly, actions taken by any company in the supply-chain can increase risk for any other participating company.

Supply-chain risks can become full-fledged supply-chain problems, causing unanticipated changes in flow due to disruptions or delays. Disruptions can be frequent or infrequent; short- or long-term; and cause problems for the affected organization(s), ranging from minor to serious.A simple delay along the chain may create atemporary risk, whereas a sole supplier holding up a manufacturer to force a price increase represents along-term risk.A machine breakdown may have a relatively minor impact on a manufacturing company with redundant capacity, whereas a war that disrupts shipping lanes can have a major impact on a shipping company.

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    處理的供應鏈子風險是困難的因為各自的風險經常被互聯。結果, 緩和一種風險的行動可能結束惡化另。考慮精瘦的供應鏈。當瘦骨嶙峋的人庫存層減少overforecasting 的需求的衝擊, 他們同時增加供應鏈子中斷的衝擊。同樣, 行動由任一個公司採取在供應鏈子可能增加風險為其他參與公司。

    供應鏈子風險可能成為完全的供應鏈子問題, 導致意外的變化在流程上由於中斷或延遲。中斷可能是頻繁或少有的; 短小或長期; 並且起因問題為受影響的organization(s), 範圍從未成年人對serious.A 簡單的延遲沿鏈子也許創造atemporary 風險, 但是一個單一供應商阻止製造商強迫價格增量代表沿期限risk.A 機器故障也許有對一個製造企業的相對地較小衝擊以重複容量, 但是打亂運輸線的戰爭可能有對運輸公司的一種主要影響。

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