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    The Robot is high-tech indispensable, the main work is on some repeat and simple actions, or highly dangerous works, in the future Robot application will also involve a military and general family.

    At the industrial aspect, the Robot can assemble or dismantle components, or carries a heavy thing; and dangerous task such as rescues life, for example the volcanologist must enter the high density poison gas of the high temperature crater to take a sample, or some one wants to dismantle an exploder etc., all need Robot to deal with it, but is much more than also a physical work, Robot beginning becomes humanized, the improvement forwards to lifestyle, AI artificial intelligence is also the key-point which will develop from now on, such as the movie <I, Robot> described that kind of future.

    Nowadays, the automobile development is fast, and through the computer assistant calculation, like the aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and bump simulation etc, we can use them in the shortest time and lowest cost to design every kind of automobiles, which all we need.

    Afterward, the automobile is not only pursuing speed, more than that is humanized, smaller volume, and economic, even though electronic vehicle, solar energy vehicle and so on. They'll replace the present car, moreover in the future AI development will be maturer and also it'll use on all transportation. Therefore, the person will no longer manipulate a car, AI will handle every thing. AI's reaction is better than human, so AI development will be a key-point to use in our transportation in the future.

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    yeah ur rite...just remove the question and ask again

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    Robot is now Hi-Tech is indispensable, engaged in some and repeat movements briefly mainly, or highly dangerous work, application of Robot is it can involve military and general family also to have future.

    In industry, Robot can be assembled. Disassemble the part, or carry heavy object,etc.; What is called dangerous work, is the life security of involving people, for example the volcano learns home enter poison gas the crater too high in thickness and high-temperature take a sample, is it is it blow up thing wait for, need Robot do, but not only work of labour too to disassemble to want again, Robot begins towards humanization, the living direction is improved, AI artificial intelligence is the key to developing in the future even more, film <1. ROBOT> (public enemy not mechanical) Future of China.

    Now, development of automobile and auxiliary to calculate via computer fast, like aerodynamics. Hydrodynamics. Is it wait for to bump into simulation, can design Car of various kinds of demands with the cost at least in shorter time.

    Car in the future, it was not a speed again that was pursued, but humanization. The volume is smaller. More fuel-efficient, even electric motor car. Motive force car of solar energy,etc., will all replace the automobile of now, and the future, AI artificial intelligence develops riper, will apply mechanically on various kinds of means of transportation too, so, people will no longer handle Car, oil AI will be controlled in the whole journey, response strength, on the mankind, so AI artificial intelligence will be an important key that Car will be developed in the future.

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