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玩Wii的 優點 :

1. 放鬆心情

2. 跟上流行

3. 消耗熱量

4. 增進人際關係,能跟家人或朋友同樂,增進感情

5. 打發時間

6. 訓練手眼協調與平衡能力

7. 具運動真實感






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    The advantage of playing Wii :

    1.It makes you feel relaxe and relief .

    2.catching up the current trend .

    3.release some calory .

    4.improve your personal networking,can easily group up and have fun with others and friends , can make a better relationship with others . kill some time . a good training for eye-hand coordination .

    7.a close resembling to a real sport .

    8.can be connected online and play with other people .Enenthough nobody is around it still brings you a lot of fun by playing it alone .

    9.It is not too pricy on the low-cost version machine .

    10.easy to pick up and roll .

    11.Regardless of the age ,it is for every one .

    12.It has all kinds of games .

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    1. 放鬆心情 -Relaxes the mood

    2. 跟上流行 -Follows popularly

    3. 消耗熱量-Consumption quantity of heat

    4. 增進人際關係,能跟家人或朋友同樂,增進感情-Promotes the interpersonal relationship, can with is happy with the family member or the friend, improves the relationship

    5. 打發時間-Kills the time

    6. 訓練手眼協調與平衡能力-Train the hand eye coordination and equilibrium ability

    7. 具運動真實感-Have the true feeling of exercising

    8.能連網路跟別人好好的玩WII,即使身邊沒有同伴也能玩的很盡興- Can connect network and other people to play WII thoroughly, even having no companion nearby can also play very fully enjoy

    9.價格在次世代主機算便宜的價位-The price calculates the cheap price position in the next generation main engine

    10.最容易上手的遊戲機-Easiest seat of honor mechanical games

    11.遊戲的年齡層各個都有-The game age level each all has

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    12.遊戲涵蓋各種種類-games covers each all sorts of kinds

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