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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Canada history help!!!?

I'm 13. I know absolutely nothing about canada. I don't know any historical events, how it looks, what's there to see, nothing.. Can someone tell me about canada cause in my mind a picture a giant white empty space???? And if u know any natural events that occur there alot or any history please explain it.

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    Canada is the result/by product/left overs of American Independence war against the British. During the war, the French was helping the Americans because the French hated the British.

    Then after the war, Americans got its freedom and land, while the British settled up north to the land now known as Canada. The French also settled up north to the land now known as Quebec province within the country Canada.

    Before all of this, the British was fighting against the French and the British won and took over entire North America minus some southwest states that used to belong to Mexico. That's why the French was on the side of the Americans during the American Independence war. So after the independence, the British allowed the French to settle in a part of Canada, known as Quebec province, instead of shipping them back to France. But ever since, the French Canadians in Quebec has tried many times to be independent from Canada but failed every time. Funny thing, the French Canadians also need Canadian government's help such as utilities and economy, but how can they want to be independent yet still need some Canadian services. Another funny thing is that Canada was owned by the British till Canadian Independence many years after the American Independence, and yet the French Canadians act like they are entitled to part of Canada when the French was defeated by the British long time ago.

    The name "Canada" is taken from a Native American tribe's word, which means home/house.

    Anyways, after Canada got its independence from Britain, many years later, there was a war between the Canadians and Americans. The Canadian troops/British troops one night came down to Washington D.C. and set fire to the White House. Then the White House was burnt and it was black due to the fire. The next day, the Americans decided to paint the White House white instead of regular brownish wood house color. Thus, the name "White House" came about. The war was short but I forgot how they settled it at the end. Ever since, there was no war between the Canadians and the Americans.

  • WMD
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    1 decade ago

    I see, you and a few others know little about Canada's history.

    Both of the answers before me contain some serious errors.

    When the British Army and Navy beat the French Army outside the walls of Quebec City in 1759 - Canada was not yet a nation.

    The Canadians are not anybody's "left overs" or "by products."

    The British and the Americans fought the War of 1812.

    Canada became a self-governing British colony - the Dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1867.

    There was NO war fought between the Canadians and the Americans after 1867.

    Canada became a wholly independent nation on April 17, 1982.

  • sharl
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    4 years ago

    sturdy question, i in simple terms found out i do no longer understand any history approximately those Canadians, eh! Thats precisely why canada isn't a skill homestead like this super united states (united states of america) :) yet having suggested that per possibility we could continuously be like canada then we would not have another united states desirous to kick our a$$

  • 1 decade ago

    Canadians were the FIRST to give the French a good a$$ whoopin like they deserve big man

    Source(s): good a $ $ whoopin [it cut me off AHEEHEE]
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