How dangerous is having sex with prostitutes?

I use a condom every time. I don't normally do it very often, but when I'm on vacation I do it several times a week. I really enjoy it, but I worry about HIV. Since I wear a condom, I should be pretty safe right? I really really want to keep doing it, since I love it and it's my only vice. I don't do drugs and I have a very challenging and rewarding career. I just want to know that I'm not killing myself by having this one weakness for having sex with pretty girls without having to drink myself silly at the club or jump into a relationship.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ur vice is the oldest in the world and men have been relieveing their tensions in (on?) prostitutes longer than there has been writing, but the world we live in today is incredibly dangerous and unpredictable. what if you are having sex with a prostitute and ur condom breaks? ur taking that risk, not to mention that ur testicles are still unprotected from skin diseases (including herpes and syphillis). you don't have to quit using prostitutes, but take every precaution to protect yourself, besides who's to say that the women you might meet in the bar don't have AIDS or other STD's. Prostitutes have a higher STD rate than the general public, but there are clean ones too, just gotta spend more money. my mother was a prostitute and by being careful my mom is still STD free today and you know what? I am the one with an STD (HSV), and I have only had three partners, so just because a woman is a prostitute doesn't mean she's diseased, conversely, just because a woman seems to be just a normal woman, that doesn't mean she is clean. use your judgement and protect yourself. u could also see if you can find a f***buddy. that way u can reduce the risk of being with multiple women and just be with one that is sans relationship and clean, then you will greatly decrease your chances. sorry this is so long. if you need more advice, emial me.

  • 4 years ago

    I ve been seeing prostitutes for about 5 years usually 30-50 a year

    I do regular screenings every 3 months and I have Herpes 1,2 and HPV .

    Which I think people make a big deal out of herpes or HPV

    but 1 in 4 has HPV and 4 out of 5 has Herpes HSV2 is 1 in 5

    I did not get herpes or HPV from prostitutes , I dont even know where I got it

    the only reason I know cause I got tested for it . HSV and HPV are so over rated in my opinion

    if you are to have sex with anyone this is the risk but the is huge .

    Odds of getting chlamydiae is 1 in 35

    odds of Gonorrhea is 1 in 200

    Odds in HIV 1 in a 1000

    I personally find sleeping with prostitutes like a sport and very addicting .

    If you are overly concerned about playing with a lighter dont use one .

    Your choice , notice I did not say fire. When you use a lighter properly

    I dont know too many people that get burned, same goes for sex .

    Use protection at least for vaginal and anal at all times.

    Oral sex is very controversial , I have found from doing a research on this topic

    that lots of STD doctors have not even seen a case of HIV infection through unprotected

    oral sex. The chances are there but its like 1 in 20000 so the odds are kind of in your favor.

    On the other hand odds of getting infected with HIV through bareback 1-2000 or so

    so they are still quite low but they are real , and if you have HSV those chances increase to about 1-300

    so since HIV is defiantly of real concern cause once you get it you are done for life , use a condom.

    People with HIV look and talk just like me and you , you ll never know unless you test them.

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  • harlie
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    3 years ago

    Sex With Prostitute

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  • Mark G
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    1 decade ago

    Ok, having sex with someone you don't know is a stupid move no matter what their choice of profession is, prostitution on the other hand is out right dangerous usually, these people have sex with multiple "partners" as many times a day as they can fit in, if any of them are carrying any STD there is a good chance that the prostitute will pick something up sooner or later, even in states like Nevada where Prostitution is legal with monthly licensing and check ups it's still not perfect and you still have an increased chance of contracting something you didn't pay for, its best to only have sex with a partner you're in a relationship with.

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  • 5 years ago

    You know what you're up against, so you don't need us (or anyone else) to tell you what to do. Having sex with a hooker is a cheap and easy thrill, but it is risky because of the likelihood of catching diseases. You don't need anyone's permission to enjoy yourself with a hooker if that's what makes you happy. Enjoy yourself, but protect yourself at the same time. Catching and irreversible disease would not be easy for anyone to cope with.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would have to say that this is dangerous. You say you use a condom every time but is it your condom or the prostitutes’ condom? What if you get some psycho prostitute that is on some revenge spree trying to rid the world of men that have sex with prostitutes? Or what if its some prostitute that lures johns to her layer and murders them for kicks? Its good that you enjoy sex. But can’t you enjoy it with a non-hooker? Also I guess it depends on what type of hookers you go to. If you go to an upscale hooker that is clean and is willing to show you her health stats you should be okay. I wouldn’t just be afraid of HIV (depending on the strand it could take years to kill you, and you have to the love the wonders of today’s medicine) I would also be afraid of getting killed by a crazy prostitute that is out for vengeance. Good luck!

    • Bryce6 years agoReport

      i think you're more crazy than the hoes

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  • 5 years ago

    Well, I've been using prostitutes since 1967. Over 700 girls with various kinks etc. I've always paid extra for sex without a condom, anal without condom, golden showers, brown showers, oral while she's on her period etc and have never, never caught a thing. For cheapness, I've picked up many girls off the streets in years long past and still..... NOTHING. Whilst there ARE risks, I believe them to be wildly exaggerated.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hell, I cannot believe how hung up you folks are about sex. Get over it, it happens, indeed it is how *you* all happened and I bet a good number of you were produced one drunken night so don't get all moral on us. The guy asked a question, have the decency to respond without getting all right wing uptight christian pheeeease..

    It depends a bit on where you are getting your girls. If you live in an advanced and sensible country where brothels are legalised and the girls have regular health checks with medical professionals then you are pretty right.

    If you are picking up girls on the street or live somewhere that is a bit backwards regarding sex then the women you pick up are likely to have a drug habit and probably not that clean, this is likely to up your risk factors somewhat.

    Wearing protection is not 100% fool proof protection against HIV, although it is certainly better than nothing.

    Mind you, there is risk having sex with some girl you met at a bar, although the more partners you have the greater the odds are something will go wrong with your safety checks.

    approach with caution.

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  • 3 years ago

    Don't do it.

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  • 5 years ago

    **** as many prostitutes as you can. They come in sizes and shapes. ***** you cant miss that. Life is too short enjoy yourself.Matter of fact, they dont have emotional attachment hence...more fun without nags *****.

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