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Armenian Catholics in Jerusalem are regularly attacked,spat upon,crosses torn off them,why?

And why are rabbis stomping all over the Bible belt drumming up support for the jewish authority in Palestine when they obviously hate Christians? Isn't that hypocritical?


EU citizen - no,that's a media misrepresentation. It isn't christians drumming up the support,it's two Rabbis - Eshkile or whatever and Daniel Lapine. Check my previous postings ( questions) for details.

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    No matter where you go, there's religious discrimination.

    And in a state created as a homeland for one religion, it's bound to be even greater.

    Those who commit acts such as this in the city of Jerusalem seem to forget that it is a city that belongs to three great religions. And discriminating against a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew should be outlawed and firmly punished.

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    I am shocked to hear this. Then I'm not surprised of the controversy. All religious people want to convert all others if they love their God.

    That doesn't make it right. God has a list of 144000 Jews He wants converted, but that comes later in these end time scenarios.

    Christians with good intentions and little biblical knowledge doing their best to follow their savior.

    Most can't convince their own children but still feel they were sent to save the world.

    There is a time and place to preach salvation. Israel isn't the place.

    Actually these people are operating outside the wishes of God. Trying to force feed their incomplete knowledge.

    However asker please don't let Ultra turn you off. He recently became old enough to use bad language and insults to answer every question.

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    All I know is , it is a very sad thing, for many Jewish people their first concern is that Christians want to convert them, but if one is true to their faith one cannot be converted, and I think that's a turn off for the 1000's of Christians that want to take holy land tours every month. Palestine/Israel should be for all faiths completely . Most of the prophets came from that area , all faiths believe in most of the same prophets. It is a very sad thing that religion has turned so angry to take it out on every day people. Peace!

  • Having read your rantings in other sections, I wondered how long it would be before you felt compelled to share them with us too.

    Since you've posted answers insisting that Jesus isn't Jewish, it's clear you have no understanding of basic historical facts.

    Either give links for this latest rubbish, or shut your nasty little trap.

    And for 'fifi': if you loathe Israel so much, do us all a favour and don't spend another SECOND in the Israel section.

    It's amazing how people who have never even been to Israel, can make such ludicrous assertions about it.

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    Listen babe, unfortunately there are stupid and ignorant people everywhere and I don’t doubt, that there do exist as well ignorant Jewish people...

    BUT, if I were you, I would think a little about the whole matter:

    In the first case, Christians have been those, who attacked people who had different religions and believes during their whole history.

    Do I have to refresh your historical memory?

    Let’s start with the Roman king Constantine, in their year 315 Christianity was declared as the only religion of the state and they started to establish anti-Jewish laws.

    1096 the first crusade took place and all Jews and Muslims were officially declared as enemies of all Christianity.

    Do you have any idea how many Jews and Muslims have been killed in the name of Jesus during the last 2000 years?

    Do you know how many bishops and popes said that all Jews have to be killed, because we did kill Jesus???

    During the middle age Jews have been made responsible for the plague, we have been driven out of Spain, Portugal and all other European countries during centuries, they took Jewish children away from their parents and baptized them, burned our people in bonfires...

    How many Jewish families have been forced to convert to Catholics to safe their lives?

    And most of the times it was in vain, as after having killed or driven out all Jews from their territory they accused the so-called “converts” to practice Judaism secretly...

    And so on and on...

    I guess you did hear about Adolph Hitler, didn’t you?

    And maybe you also know, how countries like Switzerland, Canada, USA and England reacted... They did not even try to rescue Jewish holocaust refugees.

    In the case of the Swiss I would say, that they acted like a secret arm of the Nazis...

    And in 1946 guess what? No country wanted to allow the Jews who escaped from concentration camps to emigrate to their countries, just remember the actuation of the UK.


    And now you think that you can call Jewish people racists?

    No my dear, I do not swallow this.

    Jews do not kill others because they belong to a different religion, you will find no discriminative laws in Israel.

    We do respect other religions.

    We do not try to persuade and force others to convert into Judaism.

    Stupid people do exist, I don’t doubt that, but honesty, there does no such thing as regular attacks against Christians exist in Jerusalem.

    By the way, do you know how many Christian pilgrim tourists come each year to visit Israel?

    Who did attack and kill because of intolerance, ignorance, greed and wrong religious eagerness have been the Christians during their whole history.

    They did not only go against us, but also against each other (Catholics killing Protestants and vice verse) and against Muslims and all other religions.

    What was the first thing the Spanish did when they conquered South America?

    They killed all these natives who didn’t accept baptizes...

    All these atrocities happened in the name of Jesus, who was Jewish in the first place and secondly has been killed by the Romans...

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    Usually the only attacks on Christians is by rival Christian sects. Armenians and Greeks are always at each other in Jerusalem. Jews rarely do such things.

    There are times missionaries are harrassed but there is rarely violence.

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    Well the christians in America drum up support for Israel with their big conventions and give them money and all but really the so called "christian zionists" are like lets convert the jews and say things like the jews should be "perfected" ie made into christians.

    Have you ever heard of "Jews for jesus"?

    Its a christian organazation that subtly converts jews to christianity. Wheres the respect?

    Really alot of christians are "symbolically" stomping all over the torah if not doing it when no ones looking.

    Source(s): "Maya" I've heard of christian zionist rallies in the USA and i watched some videos of them, i know what they said and what they think.
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    Are you talking about this Rabbi Daniel Lapin who is all about creating greater cooperation and understanding between Jews and Christians - see: ? Jews do not hate Christians - however, I know there are Jews who don't like Christians just like their are Christians who don't like Jews. I don't know much about these two Rabbis, but it sounds more like you are just coming on this particular sight to stir up controversy that have a progressive discussion on things - post links to what you are saying to back up what you mean and I for one would love to engage with you in intelligent conversation.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Um source please?

    Would also like a source of "rabbis stomping all over the Bible belt drumming up support..."

    Making statements then not backing them up with evidence makes you look foolish.

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    Must put things in the right prospective

    Muslems did and you go and blame Rabbis,,,

    I read the attackers were Muslems, remember what Muslems (Turks) did to Armanians in Turkey ??

    When a Korean student opened fire in an American school was it the entire population of Korea that got blamed

    its hypocritical to mix the two

    i think in your case the lights are on but no one is home

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