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Holocaust Museums?

Iv'e been to several Holocaust museums in the US and what I wanted to know is why do they focus only on the Jewish victims, what about the Romani peoples and Communist that suffered, what about them?

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    The Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., has a considerable amount of information about the non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. I've just surfed their website to refresh my memory, and there are references to non-Jewish victims all over the place. They have an entire traveling exhibition on the homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis. If this is one of the museums you visited, I suggest you visit again and pay closer attention. You seem to be seeing what you expect, which may be different than what is there.

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    I don't know why but I do know that about 10 years ago some Jewish elders tried to have a flag removed from the "Jewish" Holocaust Museum in Melbourne. It was a genuine WWII death camp flag with the Star of David on it. Trouble was one of the triangles was pinked out because homosexuals were also exterminated at that same death camp and pink triangles were used to distinguish gays from Jews. I might not know allot but I know one cannot alter history. Thankfully the flag stayed put.

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    The Holocaust museum in Jerusalem has photos of the earliest communist victims soon after you enter.

  • They focus mostly on the Jewish victims because that's what the idiot named Hitler focused on the most. It was mostly based on getting rid of the jews. That's the people they REALLY wanted to get rid of. They thought of Jews as nothing but things like rats or bugs. They thought it was ok to kill people who aren't "worth-it". To them, Germans were the only good things on the earth. they also killed some of the other people like the Romani, Homosexuals, African Americans, Handicapped, and lots more. The total of deaths was around 60,000,000.

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    I agree with you in Sydney for example at their Holocaust museum they took all the references about the homosexuals experiences out conveniently forgetting they also wore the star of David a pink one and Jehovah witness's a purple one.

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    Yes, it's unfair. They don't mention the gays, the blacks, the gypsies and others that they murdered.

    I guess the reason is because more Jews died than any other class and it was mostly Jewish relatives and money that built the museums.

    Maybe someday someone will compile information on all the gays (many of them actors) and other groups that also died.

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