english paper help!!!?

how to give somebody credit for their work, when using it in writing a paper.??

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    There are several ways you can do this

    (1) If you take a direct word for word quote you should use inverted commas "Thus, pertaining to cultural transmission theory." (E.G Smith, 1985. p 134)

    (2) If you are using someone's general ideal but you are NOT directly quoting them you just (EG Smith, 1985). NB No page number

    (3) And the end of your paper you will need to write up a BIBLIOGRAPHY of all the references you have used. This is usually done in Alphabetical order and contains the Name/s of the Author, year, title (remember to underline the title of the book!), place of publication and what company published it, for example:

    - Smith, R.L (1985) "The Sociology of deviance". California: Wadsworth

    - Turner, V.J et al (1986) "An introduction to Sociology". Virginia, Harper and Row publications

    (4) Or you can use footnotes. Footnotes are handy because you can use additional information in a way not to go over word limit

    Hope this helps (P.S I made the authors, titles up for the sake of the exercise)

    Source(s): Me- I have 2 Uni degrees
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    You need to create a "References" or "Bibliography" page, and place it at the end of the paper you are writing.

    When you take a direct quote from a book, or from an online publication and copy it directly into your paper you need to put quotation marks around that quote to avoid plagiarism.

    Next, at the end of that piece of information you took from a book / internet / journal etc, you need to have the authors name, followed by the page in which you found that quote.

    For example: "Dogs are cool." (Smith, 45)

    Then in the References page you need to, (in alphabetical order, last name first..) list every author and book you used in the paper.

    For example: Appleseed, Johnny. Who Plants Apples? (<-- name of book should be underlined) Followed by place of publication (ie: New York), the company that published the book (ie: Harper) and then the year it was written.

    It's a bit confusing, however you can also Google, MLA style of citing information.

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    Make a footnote at the bottom of the page. To do this, you have to put a small number above the word/last word of qoute you are refrencing and then at the very end of your page you put that word with the number and tell where it came from.

    You can do that to define words aswell that may be unfamilar to your audience.

    If you use a Word Documents on your computer and you need to find this go to the View tab and there will be one that says "header and footer" click on it.

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