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What does Hela heba helloa mean? (By the Beatles)?

What does Hela heba helloa mean?

Yes i know that it is by the Beatles.

And/or what language is it?

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    From the song Hello/Goodbye...I thought they were saying Hey-ya, Hello hello-ya

    Looked into it further...lyrics webpage says "Hela, heba helloa" just as you did...I think they just had fun with the words to create a great fadeout to the song.

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    Not being cynical, but I think it means the lads had run out of pot and were greeting their dealer when the dimebag finally arrived in the studio. Seriously: some sort of meanningless utterance to fill space, brought on by what they felt at the time was a sophisticated surge of creativity though it was merely the useless ramblings of intoxicated hairy men.

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    It's just one of those things where they make weird noises with the's not another language, and it's Hela, Heika He-lloa....

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