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Who has seen Hostel 2 and how did it compare to the 1st one?

My husband and I just rented it over the weekend, and I was disappointed. I was expecting more torture scenes like in the 1st one. Yeah, it had some gross parts, but they didn't show what happened to the blond girl, only that they guy came back into the room covered in blood. It wasn't nearly as shocking as the 1st one was...I still have to look away when the achilles tendon gets cut.

Overall, Hostel 2 was a poor follow-up to the original.


I agree that there was more of a plot in this one, but after the hype and gore of the 1st one, I was expecting something worse. The wors thing about it was the literal blood bath, and they didn't even show the actual cuts, just the sicko's face as she was cutting. I guess it just wasn't what I expected.

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    I agree. The original Hostel was much better. Hostel 2 was just weird, & it didn't keep me on edge as much as the first one. The scene with the lady bathing in the brunette girl's blood was just odd.

    It seems a lot of sequels & trilogies don't live up the the originals these days. (Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider Man, even Saw)

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    Honestly to me Hostel 2 was more of a movie than Hostel 1. Hostel 1 basically had a limited plot. Kids go on vacation, kids meet up with some shady people, kids get tortured for an hour, one gets away.

    Hostel 2, had a similar plot, but it show more of the Hostel operation, what happens to their passports, how they find customers, who cleans up the rooms, the tattoo, some rules in the agreement, who runs the operation, and how the deals can be made at any time. I just thought this actually had a plot instead of just filling the movie with people getting tortured in a chair.

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    i think they both compare about evenly. almost the same movie with different death scenes and maybe a little more detail in the second one about the behind the scenes. i really liked both of them!!!

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    i actually thought they were both crap. not many horror films these days are any good anyway. and who cares about plot, u watch it for the gore and effects anyway. watch planet terror, just the most ridiculous and awesome movie thats about at the mo

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    it's sick

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