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Novels set in Belfast?

I've just read Colin Bateman's "Belfast Confidential". I thought it was a great book and great that it was set in a location I actually know. Does anyone know of other good novels set in Belfast?

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    Try any books by these authors. Not specifically Belfast but Northern Ireland generally

    List of Northern Irish writers


    Chris Arthur (1955–)

    Carol Azadeh (1964–)


    Colin Bateman (1962–)

    Mary Beckett (1926–)

    Ronan Bennett (1956–)

    Maureen Boyle (1961–)

    John Boyd (1912–2002)

    Paul Boyd

    Martin Boylan

    Kenneth Branagh (1960–)

    Colette Bryce (1970–)

    Eve Bunting (1928–)

    James Burke (1936–)

    Anna Burns (1962–)

    Sam Burnside


    Lucy Caldwell (1982–)

    Brian Campbell (1960–2005)

    Joseph Campbell (1879–1944)

    Thomas Carnduff (1886–1956)

    Ciaran Carson (1948–)

    Daragh Carville (1969–)

    Joyce Cary (1888–1957)

    Paul Charles

    Mary Costello (1955–)

    James Cousins (1873–1956)

    Mairtín Crawford (1967–2004)

    Sam Cree (1928–1980)

    Joseph Crilly

    Martin Crilly (1969–)

    Eric Cross (1905–1980)


    Gerald Dawe (1952–)

    Seamus Deane (1940–)

    Anne Devlin (1951–)

    Martina Devlin

    Richard Doherty

    Moyra Donaldson (1956–)

    Charles Donnelly (1914–1937)

    Anne Doughty

    Lynn Doyle (1873–1961)

    Malachy Doyle (1954–)

    Michael Duke


    Pearse Elliot

    St. John Greer Ervine (1883–1971)


    Padraic Fiacc (1924–)

    Leontia Flynn (1974–)

    Brian Foster

    Brian Friel (1929–)


    Ray Givans

    Robin Glendinning

    Damian Gorman (1961–)

    Robert Greacen (1920–)


    Wilson John Haire (1932–)

    Robert Harbinson (1928–2005)

    Norma Harrs

    Francis Harvey (1925–)

    Rosalind Haslett

    Seamus Heaney (1939–)

    John Hewitt (1907–1987)

    Arnold Hill

    Bulmer Hobson (1882–1969)

    John Hughes (1962–)


    Fred Johnston (1951–)

    Marie Jones (1951–)


    John Kelly

    Brian Keenan (1950–)

    Brian Kennedy (1966–)

    Michael Kerr (1958–)

    Benedict Kiely (1919–)

    Kevin Kiely (1953–)


    Nick Laird (1975–)

    Maurice Leitch (1933–)

    Clive Staples Lewis (1898–1963)

    Antonia Logue (1972–)

    Michael Longley (1939–)

    Martin Lynch

    Robert Wilson Lynd (1879–1949)


    Bernard MacLaverty (1942–)

    Louis MacNeice (1907–1963)

    Deirdre Madden (1960–)

    Douglas Maddon (1970–)

    Daniel Magee

    Jason Maher (1975–)

    Derek Mahon (1941–)

    Brian McAvera

    Owen McCafferty (1961–)

    Eamonn McCann (1943–)

    Nicola McCartney

    Hugh McFadden

    Roy McFadden (1921–1999)

    Medbh McGuckian (1950–)

    Gerard McKeown (1980)

    Blánaid McKinney

    David McKittrick (1949–)

    Thomas McLaughlin

    Nigel McLoughlin

    Gerald McNamara (1865–1938)

    George McWhirter(1939–)

    Eoin McNamee (1961–)

    Martin Meenan

    Ruddick Millar (1907–)

    Sam Millar (1955–)

    Alice Milligan (1865–1953)

    Gary Mitchell (1965–)

    Frances Molloy (1947–1991)

    Mary Montague (1964–)

    Martin Mooney (1964–)

    Brian Moore (1921–1999)

    Sinead Morrissey (1972–)

    Bill Morrison (1940–)

    Conall Morrison

    Danny Morrison (1953–)

    Paul Muldoon (1951–)

    C.K. Munro

    Brenda Murphy

    Michael J. Murphy (1913–1996)

    Paul Murphy (1965–)

    Paul Murray (1947–)


    Kate Newman (1965–)

    N.T James


    Flann O'Brien (1911–1966)

    Conor O'Callaghan (1968–)

    Malachi O'Doherty (1951–)

    Séamus Ó Néill (1910–1986)

    Sean O'Reilly (1969–)

    Frank Ormsby (1947–)


    David Park (1954–)

    Stewart Parker (1941–1988)

    Glenn Patterson (1961–)

    William Peskett (1952–)


    Hugh Quinn (1884–)


    Zane Radcliffe

    Morna Regan

    Christina Reid

    Forrest Reid (1875–1947)

    Graham Reid (1945–)

    Adrian Rice (1958–)

    Amanda McKittrick Ross (1860–1939)

    Richard Rowley (1877–1947)

    George William Russell (1867–1935)


    Jack Scoltock (1942–)

    Zoe Seaton

    Bob Shaw (1931–1996)

    George Shiels (1886–1949)

    James Simmons (1933–2001)

    Damian Smyth (1962–)

    Geoffrey Squires (1942–)


    Sam Thompson (1916–1965)

    Edward Toman

    Joseph Tomelty (1911–1995)

    Shaun Traynor (1941–)


    James White (1928–1999)

    Robert McLiam Wilson (1964–)


    Ella Young (1865–1951)

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    Colin Batemans book " I predict a riot" is also brilliant.....I only started it last night and have laughed so many times already. I would recommend it to you any time. Most of his novels are set in and around belfast( "Divorcing Jack " is also good!!)

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    relies upon what era in historical past! The Eagle of the 9th via Rosemary Sutcliffe is sweet, Roman circumstances. conflict dogs,via Martin sales area( WW2) is super too. For exciting and training there is the entire of the terrible historical past sequence via Terry Deary. You learn lots yet it extremely is humorous and remarkable.

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